favorite and best major airport


What is your favorite and what is the best major airport?
I have read of two consistent airports


MSP is a well oiled machine. STL has always treated me well, even on bad flying days. SWA @ LUV is very good.

Despite recent news, LEX is a very friendly mid size airport and the most beautiful to fly into.


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discussions.flightaware.com/view … te+airport


Boeing, the link that you have stated is the same thing is GA airports. Jgona asks what is your favorite and major airport. Closely related, perhaps. Same, no.

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Well if you would read ALL the posts, it had expanded into all airports due to someones mistake.


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SLC (Salt Lake City) was really nice! They have a lot of beautiful art adorning the walls. If you’re in a hurry to catch a plane, then you probably won’t notice so much. But if you’re passing through with a couple of hours to kill between flights, it gives you something interesting to do. Also, if you’re a smoker, their smoking lounges actually suck the smoke out of the air (even smokers don’t like to be in a smoke-filled room).

I have not been through MSP or DEN, so those might be nicer. I did go through the old Denver Stapleton airport many years ago, but I guess that doesn’t really count for the purpose of this thread.

Now, having read the posts above and looking through the linked thread, I decided to post here. Even though SOMEBODY attempted to turn a thread about general aviation airports into one that includes ALL airports, it still carries a mostly “GA” flavor to it while this one clearly states “major airport”. The other thread happens to be in the General Aviation forum while this one happens to be in the Airlines forum, so I would like to see this one continue on as is.


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