I was wondering what your favorite airport to transfer flights in was?

  1. Avoid all NYC airports. LGA isn’t a connector airport for any airline, but avoid all of them. Avoid Philly, and try to stay away from the east coast.

  2. Avoid O’Hell.

On that list, MSP is the best. It has the best on time performance along with other greats like Salt Lake, and Cincinatti, and has the best shopping of any major airport period.

However, Dallas and Atlanta do what they can with the big size that they are.

If I had to make a list of the best connecting hubs, I would say

  1. Detroit
  2. Denver
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Cincinatti
  5. Salt Lake City

Avoid at all costs

  1. O’Hare
  2. Newark
  3. JFK
  4. LGA
  5. Philly
  6. Atlanta

I’m connecting through LGA at the end of this month.

And you obviously never took a spin through PIT’s AirMall in its glory days as a US hub.

Yes, but Pittsburgh is not a hub, like MSP is for Northwest. Unless you pay a lot extra to do a multi-city trip, you won’t be connecting on US through Pittsburgh.

MSP is always simple and quick for connections.

I like MSP. Really good barber there.

And PIT was the place to be 15 years ago. The Air Mall rocked. Back than we could walk up and down the concourse and ask pilots if we could see the cockpit of the airplanes. Lots of fun for poor college students.

Geneva College in case you’re wondering. All my flying was at CCBC. Somebody will know what I’m talking about.

I don’t think Atlanta is all that bad.

LAX is decent if your flights are in the same terminal, horrible if they’re not.

MSP is a nice terminal, but the airport has some trouble handling weather and often gets hit by bad weather. I think they’re working on that though. Good thing about their terminal is that all the food vendors have to charge prices similar to what they would charge in a mall - so you can actually get a decent dinner under $10.

DTW’s terminal is gorgeous, but sometimes connections can take awhile.

DFW is a lot better now that they have the train that runs on the airside - it’s still a truly mammoth terminal though. The airport is also very weather resistant.

I personally like the small hubs (CVG, MEM, CLE, IAD) - although some of these may be harder to connect at in the future.

I personally like LAS as a connector. You can play the slots while you wait for you next flight :smiley:

CLT and LAS IMHO :wink: