Eagle 583 Emergency


This morning i was listening to live comms,when he aborted his landing,ran thru checklist and declared Emergency for flight control problems,he lost his flaps would be landing faster than normal,told the tower to roll the trucks just to be prepared.So Rescue 1,Rescue 2 and Fire 1 responded to 18 right,no further heard so i guess he got down okay,plus they put him on the longest runway 12600 feet.


Wouldn’t that be 18 Left?

They must have been happy to be going to an airport with that kind of space to work with. Glad they got down OK.




Would it be this flight?



Hmmm… they really need to update the google pic of the airport then. 18R/36L is the longest of the two when you look at it.

eatnoodle, that would be correct.


Very confusing, the Google Earth pic shows exactly the opposite layout versus the Airport Diagram. I.e., 18L is the longer runway, not 18R.


mrmusicman1260, did they recently add on to that runway? As I look at the pic closer, I think I can see some evidence of construction on the south end of 18R…


Try using www.maps.live.com for sat pictures. Maps.live shows construction on the South end of 18R completed and it looks like they completey rerouted Boeing Blvd to accomodate the longer runway although the map shows the road going through the runway.

The Google image hasn’t been updated.


Its been that way for awhile,Google is slow in updating their images.You can always check the airport information at the bottom of the Flightaware page as its updated as the latest faa information.