Angel Flight Lost in Tampa


Sorry if this was discussed, I did try to search it but found nothing. Tragic loss of folks from my hometown. Didn’t know them, but my condolences to the families. … ash-tampa/



Took out the glideslope antenna? …on takeoff?
Runway 5/23 is 5,000’ long - lots of room for a Bonanza to clear that height. Engine failure on takeoff? That would account for the lack of altitude and perhaps enough distraction to veer that far off course.


Very tragic my thoughts with this family. I spent 4 years in TPA, and actually had an interview to work at the fbo there at the field…before it blew up to the very nice place it became.


81? Was that a typo?


If you look at the shots, it looks like either when it hit the tower, or when it hit the ground, it was spun around 180 degrees…