Tornado Hit Sun-N-Fun


Bad weather system ran thru Tampa and Lakeland area today very high winds and reports of tornadoes, planes flipped over and damaged at Sun-N-Fun at LAL … vice-Says#


Hope everyone is safe, especially the FA staff on site.

#3 … ng-hangar/

Seems tornado just missed the flightline of warbirds and tore thru
the homebuilts!!!








Yikes, hope nobody was in that. The porta-potty I mean. :open_mouth:


Apparently this is the only way to land a Caravan gear up. :slight_smile:


A friend’s CJ had the tie-downs ripped from the ground, was literally picked up and then deposited some distance away in this swale with enough force to activate the ELT.

After inspecting his baby (he’s a renowned warbird A&P as well as an ATP) he was able to fly her the next day.

(Photo copyright by Jason of MzeroA)