American 717

Just declared emergency; hydraulic fail on one side I heard them on 125.375 but they switched. 145 souls and they want a 30 mile final @ 5000’ to 28 @KORD … /KMCO/KORD

you have a scanner?? or you listening on live atc?? Just amazed how fast incidents, get posted on this and other websites. wow!!! ok i fully read your post and cant seem to understand written or typed in english. I need to go back to 3rd grade and relearn the english language :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley:

For those more casual observers, a translation…

The American Airlines aircraft suffered a loss of hydraulics on of the aircraft’s hydraulic systems. The have 145 souls, people including crew, on the aircraft. They are requesting to land on runway 28 at Chicago-O’Hare and would like to do a straight in approach starting at a point 30 miles from the runway and at an altitude of 5000 ft. Personally, I though the first description was a bit wordy! :smiley:

sorry for the wordy reply. some of us are not pilots or atc, so i dont know all the terminology. I know some of it but dont know all of terminology. I said in my edit, i miss some things and go to post my thoughts then I reread and some other phrase or word catches my eye. after that I fell like an idiot. so bear with me when i goof up ok?

You’ll never hear me complain or dismiss you for asking for more information. I was jokingly referring to the fact that some of us might have written the first description, the post by ind224, with even more jargon!

no probllem. just learning how people are on this site. made mad posts since the accident in nyc. learning lingo and atc descriptions, really cool thanks.

Yes, I have several scanners. This was what I heard in real time at the time of the incident. Since they did declare an emergency, the NTSB website should have a synopsis in a week or two. You can also search by keywords or other parameters.