Airliner down in Hudson River


My fire service contacts are reporting a major airliner down in Hudson river at W 43rd st. Info is just coming in now


Reported US Airways. Many people in water all services on scene along with circle line boats.


Fox news live right now, it’s looks like a US Airways regional jet. Floating at this time. Listening to FDNY radio now.


Flight 1549, Airbus A320, enroute to Charlotte, NC.


Live video here.


60 SOB rescues in progress. Plane is floating and now located at 41 st st. Circle Line FDNY and NYPD marine units on scene. FDNY radio is crazy trying to decipher traffic. Divers in water an inside plane.


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Sorry guys just passing on info off of FDNY. 151 SOB. Plane sinking divers in fuselage. Rescues in progress. Many units responding to pier 76 for staging including my pals on Ladder 25. 21800 fuel on board just reported. 2nd alarm with mobilizaton 3 in effect(a lot of equipment on the road)


Currently at least 30 people on NYC side reported @ pier 76 no injuries just calling for blankets because people are wet.


There is more than likely a feed for this from when the flight left KLGA to when it went down, as the entire N90 TRACON is covered there. Last I remembered, there was also a KLGA tower feed, so there is plenty of coverage for this as it happened. This will undoubtedly be posted in the clips section there.



From ABC News:

The plane is an Airbus 320, US Airways flight 1549 from LaGuardia to Charlotte. There were 146 passengers on board the flight, along with 5 crew members.

The FAA is reporting all passengers are out of the plane, and a secondary search is underway.
The plane went down near 48th Street. The plane took off from LaGuardia at 3:11 p.m.

**Government officials say the plane’s two engines went down after a bird struck the plane. **Witnesses say it appeared the plane made a controlled landing. “It was just unbelieable how this plane landed,” said one witness.



Divers reporting after 1st search of plane. Plane is clear. All people out of plane unknown extent of injuries. Initial reports are most injuries if any are minor in nature


Good to hear this, especially since it was what, 2 days ago, that a report came out that United States airlines hadn’t had a passenger causality in two years.


Now does that mean they lost power or they went down as in fell off when the plane hit the water? Gubment can use the worst wording sometimes… (yes I know what they were referring to)


All marine units trying secure plane. All people off of aircraft. trying to get extent of injuries. Lots of confusion as to where all passengers were taken. Passengers taken to a few different piers. FDNY Marine unit maintaining position at plane all other units returning to shore/pier with passengers. Medevacs being stood down.


More images:


Heard something about a bird-strike?

And as with everything that goes wrong they have to declare " It was not terror related". :unamused:

Someone said it went so flawlessly that they thought that it was planned. :smiley:


The pictures of the people on the wings make it look like they are walking on water. The pilots are heroes. It’s still possible they will be names in lawsuits yet today, they have about a half hour to get them filed.


I have heard bird strike from many sources.

I like Lester Holt on MSNBC. He actually knows a thing or two about airplanes.


Damn union birds…