Aircraft Crashes into High-Rise in NYC

CNN is just breaking this news. No real info. yet, but they’re saying it was a SMALL plane, not an airliner. Of course, on 9/11 there were conflicting reports as to what hit World Trade #1 as well until United 195 hit tower #2. That being said, it looks pretty foggy in New York, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it were an accident, although I highly doubt that anyone is allowed to fly VFR today, no? Feel free to add info. as this unfolds if you wish. There’s not even a news link available yet.

Beat me by 1 minute…now reporting it was a chopper…
Near E. 72nd & York, 22nd floor…

NYC officials saying NOT terrorism has a pic on the website, as does

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THAT’S why it wouldn’t let me respond (y’know, to rub it in :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m looking at the TV, and it is anything but clear weather. You’re probably right about it being a chopper though. I doubt any fixed-wing a/c would be flying low over Manhattan on a yucky day like this. Changed subject line to generic “Aircraft” instead of “Small Plane.”

Live coverage from local NBC affiliate.


Think that site is about to be “farked”…running real slow

Yup, i can’t see much now, but the audio is still clear.

FDNY confirm 2 deaths, some trapped, officially a 3 alarm fire.

Well, hell…now the FAA says it was a fixed wing aircraft under VFR, not in contact with ATC.

“Witness” just said that she saw the plane’s wing dip and disappear behind the building, then heard a “boom”

My take is that the plane stalled…

Cable news is going nuts over this, but as of 3:22PM the broadcast networks were still in local programming…

KLGA 111443Z 111512 08012KT P6SM OVC015
FM1800 10012KT P6SM SCT015 OVC025
FM2200 10010KT P6SM OVC015
FM0200 12010KT 2SM -SHRA BR OVC007
FM0900 20007KT 4SM -SHRA BR OVC012

CNN reporting NORAD putting fighter jets up over several major cities.

See how much panic terroism has caused.

There is a vfr corridor that runs up and down the hudson and one that runs up and down the east river. usually people from NJ or upstate run down the hudson to see statue of liberty and then back up.

my roomate here at flight school usta do it all the time.

reports now say it seemed to be a Cirrus SR-20, dont really see the need to scramble fighter jets :confused:

…and if it was a mechanical faliure, why didnt the pilot use the aircrafts ballistic recovery system (the parachute). I would assume thats a better idea then letting the plane get away from you, and crash into a building. Thats why I think the pilot more then likely must have had some sort of cabin emergency, heart attack or stroke is possible in this situation. Especially if the pilot was flying solo or with inexperienced passenger on the right side. Then there was reports that the pilot might have been doing aerobatics, I highly doubt it but I have personally seen alot of these “hot-shot/young/very rich” cirrus pilots right here at my own local field (which btw is the largest GA airport in the NYC area), and I tell you what… this was going to happen one day. Im still listening to the news and waiting for the NTSB to realese a report.

EDIT:: First word says the plane was from KTEB


Plane is registered to Cory Lidle … New York Yankee Pitcher, btw today is 10/11

heres the offical registration

Aircraft Serial Number 1230
Aircraft Manufacturer CIRRUS DESIGN CORP
Aircraft Type Fixed wing single engine
Aircraft Model SR20
Engine Manufacturer LYCOMING
Engine Type Reciprocating
Engine Model I0-360-ES
Year Manufactured 2002
Registrant Corporation

BROCKTON , MA-02301-1808
Registration Date 02 January 2003
Airworthiness Certificate Type Standard
Approved Operations Normal
Status V
Aircraft Transponder Code 53157717

Scrambled as a preacaution, and because last time some guy decided to go after his ex-wife and wad his plane up into an apartment building and NORAD didn’t scramble fighters, people had a hissy fit.

ESPN reports he was piloting the plane.

Bizarre, to say the least. Similar to the demise of Thurman Munson, another Yankee, although he was a catcher.

Can I be the “conspiracy theorist” and say it was suicide since he did pitch the last game for the Yankees this year vs. the Tigers???

You can.