Small plane crashes into building in Austin Texas

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Authorities are investigating a reported plane crash into a seven-story office building in the 9400 block of Research Boulevard, according to Austin fire officials. No other information is immediately available.
See live streaming video of the plane crash at Statesman traffic camera: … 19369.html

CNN is calling it a single engine plane, seems like a lot of fire. Showing some of the plane in the building…can’t tell what it is.


Wow- I use to live not too far from there. I don’t recall any GA airports in that area.
Seems kinda strange that a Single couldn’t find some place other to set it down… I hope we don’t find out this is a suicide by AC … 62296.html

this link says the bldg hit was next to Austin FBI headquarters…

Google Maps address 9430 Research Blvd, Austin.

On BeechTalk there is a post indicating that the Cherokee was making full power on impact according to a pilot eye witness.

If that proves to be accurate, it does not bode well for General Aviation.

there appears to be a lot of damage from a little cherokee…something’s fishy about this.

No flight plan and a witness said he didn’t here any engine trouble. The building is in an office park with government buildings.

??? CNN reports the aircraft departed Georgetown Airport at 09:40 and it was a Cirrus SR-22. They quoted their source as FAA.

That’s what I was thinking too. It flew from Georgetown Austin, at least that’s what I think I just heard.

NTSB investigating as intentional act. Pilot set his own house on Fire before flight. IRS offices in building. From CNN

Less than 30 mins after the crash and they’re already saying it wasn’t terrorism. How come DHS is always so quick to denounce terrorism, every single time?

terrorism: [ter-uh-riz-uhm]
-noun 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

By definition, this sounds like terrorism, regardless of who it was (American or not) and their motive(s).

There were no departures from the airport at that time

Now I hear it was a Cirrus…

KXAN is reporting that a “Joseph Stack” who “owns a small plane based out of Georgetown”… house was consumed by flames this morning… a neighbor saved his wife and child from the home.

:imp: Its only a matter of F-ING time before our government starts to very SERIOUSLY clamp down on GA in the name of National Security. This frikkin sucks the big one. Of course, we’re only assuming at this point…but the indicators and flags are there about this individual. Damnit.

Not necessarily. Those are mainly IFR. If this plane was flying VFR, there is a 50-50 chance it would show up.

On a VFR day, it will only show up on Flightaware if they file a flight plan…

Reports are; the pilot flying the plane, lit his home on fire, went to the airport and stole the aircraft - latest from CNN???