LiveLeak Video - IL-18 brakes hard, off runway excursion . .


LiveLeak Video said to be Sept. 26 2008 departing Cabinda, Angola.

Google Earth Cabinda Angola - looks like a nice safe airport!!! Could you direct me to Starbucks . . .

Added; An Alada Empresa De Transportes Aereos Ilyushin IL-18D, registration D2-FFR performing a freight flight for DHL, rejected takeoff from Cabinda (Angola) at high speed due to burst tyres and overran the runway end ending up in soft ground. No injuries were reported.


Sure thing, I’ll bet they have discounts for Russian air crews…tremendous facilities, wonder if they are up for FBO of the year?



Can we say downwind takeoff???


Look at the flag at the front of the aircraft. (see here for a picture of the flag.)

This is an Angolan registered aircraft belonging to ALADA (Sociedade de Transportes Aereos, LDA). They operate one each IL-18V (registration D2-FAM), IL-18E (D2-FDY), and IL-18D (converted IL-22, D2-FFR) according to JP Airline Fleets International. They also operate 3 AN-32’s.

It’s difficult to make out the registration with any certainty. However, I can tell it appears to be 2 characters followed by a dash with 3 additional characters. Russian aircraft are registered as RA- followed by 5 digits.

I researched the above looking at the poor quality video at LiveLeak. A better quality video is located at

When I found this video, I discovered the registration is D2-FFR (the IL-18D).


Good catch David.


Thank you.

I was surprised to find any IL-18s registered in Angola.

Another thing I noticed, as mentioned by someone else, was that it was an upwind takeoff. That ain’t a nice thing to do!


What are the odds of catching something like that. Nice video. Brilliant upwind takeoff :frowning:

I wonder if 5 min. prioe to this he was standing at the end of the runway, and a little voice said MOVE


Illushyn 101 taxi into position and hold, traffic is 5 pedestrians crossing the runway at the dirt taxiway…


Upwind?.. You mean downwind…as Allen pointed out.


While no dirt taxiways at my airport, it happens in the good ole US of A.

Today’s flight that I will be uploading to You Tube tomorrow, I had a couple of village idiots (construction workers) walking toward the edge of the runway beyond some barriers while I was on short final (close enough to be seen on the video in passing).

Never encountered this for sure. I always am thinking “go around” on all my approaches and landing and really wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I was on an IFR clearance would have been interesting to go “missed” since I was off the published established procedure and ceilings were below VFR.



My bad…


haha nice. Can say I’ve yet to encounter it. At my home field, I do dodge a ton of sandpipers, and now this time of year, red tailed hawks, but no construction workers yet.
I dunno if the Sundowner is equipped, but few people know that the hinged window (air vent, I need to consult the POH for the proper name :blush: ) on the Captain side of a Cherokee is actually for instances just as you mention, being on the IFR approach with those construction workers, it makes the obscene hand gesture a little easier to see as you climb out on the missed now flying the full published missed and that irritating hold. Hopefully you have similar equipment in the Beech.


Hawaiian salute would have been nice but not on my checklist :smiley:

I do have that window you describe, but the bigger problem was that had I gone around, I would not have been on the published missed approach.

MDA is crossing mid field and I was scud running at that point as you will see from the video I upload tomorrow. Once I turn down wind I am pretty much committed to landing. (fully understand the airspace above the airport is “protected” until I cancel IFR)

While going around is always an option, it could botch up what ATC had in plan for 16L ILS approaches as KMBO is not far from the ALLEN outer marker on my climbout from runway 17. Clouds were well below VFR minimums.


Thats a good way to get a modern day ass kicking from some village idiot construction workers. Also remember you have to park your plane and go home (village idiots que to f*** up your bird).


Yeah? You think so? I’d invite that village idiot to come talk to me after the botched approach since he was

Keep in mind, even if he is authorized to be where he is working, hewalking toward the edge of the runway beyond some barriers while I was on short final

passed his barriers. Deef, do you understand that above and beyond being a pain in the back, that this is a safety of flight issue? What if Allen had been shooting the approach, and this was his alternate, and he was down to critical fuel due to other approaches that the WX was worse than forecast (oh if I had a dime for every TAF that didn’t materialize) and now, he had to miss because some J O wants to come see how close he can get to the airplane landing, and as Jethro is running, and appearing not to stop, Allen has to abort the landing (a possible safety problem in itself dependent on how quickly he can detect this guy) now Allen faces a fuel crisis. Or what if the DS is a real bonehead and wants to run out on the runway and gets clipped. Then the pilot or a/c operator gets sued by the family (yep you even have to pay for, or at least fight to not pay for population control).
In all of these scenarios, I would hope this DH would want to come talk to me about it afterward.
I think my hockey background would allow me to at least give it the old college try with the knucklehead,if he were above all dumb enough to try and make it physical, and if he, as you say, damages the aircraft, I think it’d be pretty easy to track down the worker, and his company. In this scenario, he better hope he had gotten clipped and expired.

I think, and I might be wrong here, but there are regulations, and hell, even local laws that prohibit damage to property…I’m not sure where you live deef, but that’s how it is around here.

nice try though, :unamused:


While they were not running, what you describe above is exactly what my thoughts were, they were walking toward the runway and seemed to be either oblivious or playing chicken, I wasn’t sure and it didnt’ matter, all I saw were some human beings encroaching on my space. As can be seen by the video when I upload it later on when I get home, they were outside the barriers (runway side inside the “safe zone”) on the taxiway leading to the very end of runway 17 was where these yahoos were malingering. While displayed only a couple of seconds (I put text ahead of the event and time to look at) it felt quite a bit longer.

VOR ALPHA Approach (taxiway doesn’t appear correct in the diagram, it actually is at the end of the runway)

While the outcome was a “non event” and they were probably no closer then 50 feet from me, at a 78 knot final approach speed, it felt “exponentially closer” as they got closer to the edge of the runway.

Flight safety was definately an issue as stated earlier, I was not on a published missed approach (see approach plate above and my prior posting) and going inside IMC without a clearance would not be good!

As far as "thoughts running through my head’ while it was happening…

It was only about 35 seconds from wheels up to solid white for take off and on a go around, that time is even shorter. Add in the inner core of the KJAN charlie airspace to remain VMC turn out at a very low altitude AND re-contact approach for a new clearance all within 20 seconds, and “houston, we have a problem” as approach I am sure had a game plane for arrivals and here I pop up out of the blue. And it was unusually a very busy day of arrivals at KMBO as I heard KJAN sequencing traffic for KMBO for the very first time in all my little bit of instrument flying of 6 years.

Bottom line for me if I had to do an “unpublished missed” would have been fly the plane, stay VMC even if it meant entering Charlie inner core at a low altitude, contact approach and deal with the paper work afterwards. I was not even thinking of entering IMC as what you cannot see can kill you…


wow, not to mention a lot of man made terrain (Is that downtown JAN or a lot of radio towers?)
Yeah I see what you’re saying, the MAP is midfield so as opposed to being right on or several degrees off, you’re now adding a downwind base and final to the mix. Even if the “pedestrian” was nowhere near the runway as you passed over the field ( at which you’re not looking for joggers, you’re watching the clock for MAP time, and altitude and setting up the circle to land) he could have easily made his way over to by time you’re on short final.

Low ceilings, plenty of high terrain (all be it on the right traffic side as opposed to left) plus KJAN nearby.
Clearly the last judgement call you should’ve been forced to make at the time was…“hmm, is this guy going to run in front of me?”


Boys…my point was not to say that you were wrong for being upset, but in todays world(filled with psychos) it is simply not smart to antagonize a stranger. I personally ALWAYS turn the other cheek with one exception. When my family or myself face immediate threat of bodily harm. Otherwise I walk away…period! It’s not worth it. Some people have nothing to lose. Sorry if you took it the wrong way.


Cell / radio and water towers poke out of the ground. Jackson downtown a “safe distance” from me to the SW :smiley:

KHKS has an excellent view of the downtown area departing 16.

Hear ye, hear ye. But “Darwin” lives on :open_mouth:


DING DING DING DING DING! Tell him what he’s won Johnny!

missed approach, no published missed, fly low into class C airspace centered around an airport that has at least EMB145 traffic and probably heavier, terrain to the right, or fly into the soup above w/o a clearance meaning no vectors, and obviously no VOR radial to fly on (since you’ve already passed the MAP), , either intimiately introduce myself to my fellow air traffic, intimately introduce myself to buildings and or towers, or introduce myself to a cloud which could intimately introduce myself to either of the previous…plus create a serious workload of re-planning, and talking which would probably become an overload, and scanning and talking and looking and flying and figuring, might be too much work load.

If that’s not immediate threat of bodily harm, tell me what is!