Here at KBKL


Just wanted to say if anyone needs any info about Burke lakefront airport I can fill you in from time to time. I work line service there. :slight_smile:




James, Those photos are great!!! I’m gonna save those. :smiley:


Makes me miss Meigs field…


I spent alot of time at Meigs in early 90s and thought the same thing. Cool pics James… you even caught a little bit of your training wings in that one shot. :stuck_out_tongue:



So are my forward wings training wings as well, or are they something different since they are variable sweep and have a primary flight control surface?

You cracked me up with the training wings comment!



FYI, more information on this aircraft can be found at:


I agree, flying along the beautiful Chicago lake front and dodging the sailboat masts and the condo building to land at Meigs is a great memory.


Yep, I envy you, sad to say, the closest I will ever come is MSFS. :frowning:

Sorry MSFS, nothing like the real thaaang baby!



Someone ought to do something about that gigantic UFO sitting on the ground by the lake…It could eat 60,000 people on any given Sunday.


Here’s a video from BKL. I am not the pilot, repeat… it wasn’t me! 8)


I think everyone who ever flew in to Meigs misses it. My first ever arrival into Meigs was across the lake at night, coming up from J60 just west of GIJ. We descended out of an overcast right at 2000’, and there was all of Chicago glowing between the lake and the layer. Absolutely stunning and an image I’ll never forget.


BTW, could somebody please turn off the perpetual crosswind machine at BKL?!?


Heh heh, for some folks, that’s just a warm up.

It’s up there in my upper limits, but I’d be out doing some Xwind landings for practice.



Landed at KBUF yesterday, on Rwy 23, with the winds 280 at 35 gust 54. Does that count as a warmup?


Nope, that counts as NUTS! Waaay outside my limits LOL

Obviously you know your stuff for you to be here posting about it!!!

I would have loved to seen the wind correction on that on video!


A x-wind component of 27 knots… I’d be really warmed-up… like crash-n-burned-to-a-crisp warmed-up!