Changes to Come to KCLE and KBKL


Anyone who flies in/out of the Cleveland area may be interested to know that the “mayor” (I use the term loosely) has announced that the city will spend some $$ to make improvements to Hopkins (CLE) Airport, and it will embark on a “5-year Master plan”(i.e. expensive bureaucracy) to consider the future of Burke Lakefront Airport downtown. The city has often hinted around that it would like to close BKL and sell the property to developers for everything from a new convention center to casinos (voter-willing). Apparently, they would like to decide once and for all if BKL serves a valuable purpose to Cleveland’s business community, or at least what’s left of it. :smiling_imp:

In typical political fashion, there aren’t a whole lot of details yet, but here’s the interesting part: The city may possibly be lowering landing fees, and I’ve been hearing a few rumors that Continental may want to shift some more hub ops here from KEWR because of all the delays there. Rumors are only rumors, but that could definitely require a good look by CO if they do in fact lower their fees. Stay tuned, kids!!


It doesn’t surprise me that mayors would want to close down Burke Lakefront. It, and other urban airports in close proximity to downtown (Toronto City Center comes to mind) seem to be on the chopping block in many political arenas. AOPA says Meigs will never happen again, but there are many other less drastic ways the politco can get an airport shut down.


Nice pic. Did you take that on Tuesday, or whatever day it was when you were delayed out of CLE?


Yup, passenger wanted to leave 2 hours later than planned.


Just today, CO announced a (seasonal) daily non-stop from CLE-CDG (Paris) starting in 2008. No word yet on what a/c type. I don’t know if they’ll still be stretching those 752s’ range at that time, or if they’ll actually send a gasp widebody into KCLE, like maybe a 767 that’s been bumped from its route by a new T7…?


One place the ‘downtown’ airport is NOT on the chopping block is Dallas. KLUV is much closer to downtown than is KDFW.


I meant the ‘really’ urban airports, as in less than a mile from the actual downtown areas. Look up Burke Lakefront and Toronto Island (or Miegs Field/Northerly Island) on Google Earth. (It still shows Miegs as an airport) There are others I’m sure, but these two are very close to the tall buildings of downtown.


Yes, and LUV is also a “passenger” oriented airport (even a “focus city” for SW), whereas Burke and (I presume) City Centre are geared more toward corporate jets and general aviation. It would be much harder to close an airport that the general public is familiar with, especially one that offers a viable, easy-to-use alternative to a megaplex like DFW.


Love Field is about 4 nm straight-line from downtown Dallas. Incoming flights fly directly over the downtown skyscrapers. Maybe Love isn’t a “real” urban airport, but it’s an awfully good facsimile.


I think the real issue with LUV is that it is percieved differently than many other urban airports because it is heavily used by airlines - SWA. That is both a blessing and a curse because more voters have a connection with it that they are aware of, and because of noise.

The problem with urban airports is that they are just too juicy for the city power brokers who are always in bed with developers. It’s a lot easier to see the value proposed by the developers than it is to see the value of the airport because the airports value is a bit harder to find.

Big business is just as bad at seeing the real value in things, so its hard to blame the pols on this one unless you can catch them with their hands in the cookie jar.

Even the pols who are smart enough to realize that the cities will want those airports back in a few years want to tear them down because they get their power and money from the churn, not from status quo.


Ok fine, You win.


The Browns Stadium is freaking right there going into KBKL. I flew in there last month from the east coast to the midwest for fuel and how do they get the ILS clearance for 6 left? i mean, doing a visual into there is a scary or at least attention getting proposition.

What is interesting is that since the jets can’t land on 6R / 24L anymore with the constructon of the stadium, they’ve let that runway go to seed. The other, longer runway is nicely maintained but the GA runway is a piece of crap.


Yep. I was in the old Municipal Stadium (May she rest in peace) watching an Indians game (one of maybe 10,000) in 1991 I think. Anyhow, it was Labor Day weekend, so the Cleveland National Airshow was going on. My friends and I climbed to the top of the upper deck to watch the Thunderbirds through the old wooden slats that made up the back wall of the section. There were at least 3 or 4 passes in which the F-16s were below us (at a distance of maybe 300 yards or so). Talk about a hair-raising experience!! :open_mouth: :smiley:


When I was at the osu game when they played Northern IL. the traffic into Columbus flew right over the stadium.


Yes, well the center line for Port Columbus 10R pretty much runs right through block “O”. I remember quite well watching the 727s turning onto final above west campus.


Would have been one heck of a shot for if I had a camera with me.