question, need help finding a plane

hi, thought id ask and see if anyone could help

i was listenin to the scanner the other day and a plane made an emergency landing at my local airport KRFD (rockford) they said the right engine was on fire , it landed , and they evacuated. i didnt hear the plane tail number, i just curious if anyone could find it.

Try pick the month and see if it’s listed there.


If you give it about a day or two, the RSOE site usually will have it. Scroll to the bottom. It wasn’t on there when I posted this, but it could show up. Also, check the FAA website.

A better way to search the NTSB database is to use their database search engine at

However, it may also take a few days for the preliminary report to get there. In the meantime, check out the 'FAA’s preliminary accident and incident database for accidents and incidents occuring within the last 10 days.


pika - thats an awesome site but can i get it in english?

i dunno how i did it but its in english now lol

Click on the English link

OK, just because I can…

Need help finding a plane? Have you checked an airport?

I just look up.

Home Depot. That’s where I bought my last plane.