Cessna crash @ 3LF 2 un/slightly injured (attn RobReid

Hey Robreid, have any info on this one, you’re quicker than most news agencies with these!!
Happened Friday 2/8 apparently an emergency landing and hit powerlines. They walked away. I’m trying to get a tail number and departure point because it sounds like it originated from my old flight school. Curious if it’s one of my old birds. Can’t seem to find anything beyond the generic info above.

FAA Registry N52495 Cessna 177RG, according to FAA there was NO FUEL in the tanks.

Tallahassee News story, photos, video.

I understand the flight originated in the Washington DC area. Father stated aircraft was enroute Maryland to Pensacola, with a fuel stop at Tallahasee.

Quote from the father of the pilot, “The elder McCord, a retired U.S. Air Force pilot, said his son has been flying off and on for two decades and has never crashed. His son bought the single-engine plane last summer.”

faa.gov/data_statistics/acci … /index.cfm
Busy weekend, total of 34 accidents and incidents…