3 Dead in Runway Incursion @ KMYL

McCall, Idaho
2 Cessnas Collide

That just makes me sick all over. I can’t imagine losing any of my kids like that.

Surviving pilot’s story HERE

Link to photos of one of the planes: barnstormers.com/listing_ima … ?id=203507

Beautiful 172.

Condolences to the families and hope and prayers the toddler that survived makes a full recovery.

Very sad indeed.

I only hope that we do indeed learn from this tragedy whatever the outcome may be.

Not your typical high wing low wing blind spot issues that we see so often in the pattern, makes me wonder exactly what happened. (one plane nordo, one plane on wrong frequency thinking they were transmitting)

What so odd to me, is that this sounds like it happened on short final especially when only 30 feet above the ground when the two planes reportedly collided.

Interesting airport advisory STRAIGHT IN VFR LANDINGS PROHIBITED so most likely both planes were in some sort of pattern? Or maybe one pilot wasn’t aware of this advisory and was doing a straight in.

So many unanswered questions…

It looks like N75856 was IFR. Possibly cancelled prior as airport was VMC at the time. Very interested to see NTSB report as there will be much to learn.