Another Near Collision

#1 … _collision


cruising at 33,000 feet over open ocean and … "60 seconds apart from occupying the same airspace, " … cockpit alarms went off.
What’s the crews reaction sequence? :question:


Had a close one in Fresno too. Thursday night. Don’t know all the details yet, but, they almost touched wingtips.


Hey Mark… Any chance of finding the Transaero flight/track? I’ll put together another track image similar to this one.


Any more word on this?


Apparently THIS was the Rusian flight.

USA Today reports the incident happend on Thursday, and MOSCOW TIMES reports it was flight 554.

Unfortunately, that flight’s track log is replaced with “Result Unknown”.




Click Here T-38C near miss video . . . 54 seconds.


That incidnt happened about a mile from where I am sitting.

The airforce brought the video to us a day after in order to identify the baron they almost mated with.


The good news is that Russian crews seem to have finally learned to do what TCAS tells them to do :wink: