RIP to the people who were in this plane. The local newspaper says this plane crashed and all who were aboard died. It crashed at Dillion MT and it originated from my local airport.

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Thank you for your condolences. They were friends, especially the pilot. My poor boys. :frowning:


Is this the citation that was hangared near Emery @ RFD or by the Coleman Hangar? I knew Mr. Hamilton for several years, what a great guy. He will be missed.



looks like this particular Citation was for sale also.


thnx to all who replied. Sorry to hear about this great loss. I live near KRFD and i seen it in the local newspaper so i thought id post it. It sounds like the 2 that died were great individuals. I dunno if it was the one park by emery.

Kevin are you from the Rockford area also?


I have my charter business based there, and I knew Mr. Hamilton from Huntley, Il. I was not sure if the aircraft was the one for sale, we just bought an aircraft last week from the same salesman that was representing 22HP.



The Citation was for sale - he was grading up.


Was he from Rockford? That’s my hometown. Condolences to everyone involved or who knew the people onboard.


The jet was Rockford. He lived in Huntley. Born in Montana.


they ever say the cause of crash yet?


NTSB has some preliminary notes. The cockpit recorder is being analyzed in Washington. Go to the NTSB website - a little pressed for time and computer is sooooo slow today or I’d give you the link.