Unk single eng plane under 200 feet over my house

i just found this website today and joined. had a single engine unk aircraft fly over my house only 200 feet about my roof if that. (never saw equipment or tail id) by the time we ran out on our deck only saw the trees bending wildly. called the pickens county ga airport to no avial or info this happened at 7:22 pm edt 6/13/2023 called the next day no info so i started digging and have yet to find on the sight any past flight plans from pickens during that time frame. if anyone can direct me to find flight plans on this sight i would be very grateful. i know how to find in real time just not past flights. thanks for your time. it was a violation if it were a possible mechanical that is understandable as a past flight attendant and took a few lessons on single piper planes but did not finish or get licensed bc of funds. Victoria Bragg Jasper ga. pickens, ga is KJZP

I had something similar happen in central florida some months back. Heard the small single engine plane go directly over the house at less than 200 ft. I immediately fired up a phone app I use called Flightradar24 and found the plane tracking to my south at less than 200. The plane was not identifying itself. Shortly thereafter the plane turned 180 and headed back north and parallel to the first pass. It was now only approximately 100 yards west of the first pass. This continued over and over again in perfectly symmetrical flight patterns. The Flightradar24 app showed me the historical flight path of the plane showing it had taken off from a small regional airport on the east coast. It was obvious that they were doing a low level scan of the entire local residential area. Apparently a private contractor doing surveillance work for “some” agency. The app is a great tool for tracking your air space.

GREAT THANKS FOR THE GREAT INFO. i will look that site up. i also worked for a small aircraft leasing helicopter leasing co in ft lauderdale in the early 80s and was very fam with all sorts of single engine and other small aircraft over the years where were you living in fla?
just wondering. ?

Just north of Sanford near to Osteen. I recognize the name Bragg. Manny!

no that is my married name thanks again for the help the site looks good i have not had a chance to check it out just yet working. have a great week