Show pictures of your favorite Airline and Aircraft i like to see what people like. :smiley:


My favorite at one of my favorite airports. :smiley:


China Airlines Cargo 747-400 in BNA

Delta Airlines (Shuttle America) E170 in BNA

U.S. Airways Express E170 in BNA

United Airlines Express CRJ-700 in BNA

U.S. Airways CRJ-200 in BNA

U.S.A.F. Air Force One 747-200 in BNA :laughing:


i take it you like CRJ’s :laughing: I like them to they look so right in everyway. Good choices


Yeah, I like Rjs in pictures but not flying in them!! Unfourtunetly, Rjs are mostly what we see here in BNA!! :cry:


I think there nice because i’m like 5ft 7inches. Yeah my best friend lives in Clakesville and last year i flew there on Independance Air on there CRJ’s it was fun being there. I was in the airport on my way home and a flight from boston was late so i was pushed back for 2 hours and i saw a lot of them there but it’s a nice airport. Question is the weather real bad there right now in Clarksville and Nashville???


YES, ITS HORRIBLE!!!The county I live in (Williamson County) has been under at least 4 different tornado warnings tonight! FYI, Williamson County is the county just south of Davidson which is Nashville! There are 11 already dead and the Tornados and thunderstorms are going to continue until like 6AM tommorow! The local tv stations have been commercial-free weather only from Before 3pm to about 8:10PM CDT! At my school, we even had a Tornado drill due to another tornado warning!!
:open_mouth: :open_mouth: all of Middle TN is under a Tornado Watch until 4:15AM CDT!

PS. Does Clarkseville have a commercial airport or Do you mean that you flew into BNA? :question:

Nashville is a pretty cool airport! I still cant believe that we have enough buisness to support a AC CRJ-200 from YYZ and a FR A319 to CUN!!


No i flew into Nashville. But his family moved from Vermont (where i like which is about 200 yards from the airport.) to Clarksville because they used to be in the airforce so they can go on the Clarksville base anytime. I got to go on the base as well its as big or bigger then the city i live in (South Burlington). I saw like 3 C5’s takeoff and land when i was there. I like being there. ipodguy7 go to GE and type in 05403, then zoom into the airport, on the national guard side is a neigborhood thats were i live.


A couple of classics: The mighty Boeing 727-200 in the classic white UA livery. I miss these birds. I know, there’s still a few around (not for UA), but they used to dominate the skies. :cry:



this I have to pick. 1st plane ever flew on. This at my home airport and the plane that i 1st flew on. My house is just on the otherside of the Green Mountain Boys F16 hanger. :smiley: … fe/f16.jpg our f16 flying and some in the hanger
and another picture of one on the ground. … r_1024.jpg


I’m gonna be flying on one this summer.


First type of plane I flew on, Frontier Convair 580. This is the newer paint job. The one I flew on had the older Green and Gold Paint job. … .jpg.thumb


Was it this color?


CessnaCitationX where are you flying to? and on what airline?


That’s the one.

Still love that 580…

Flew from Arkansas to Texas

Oh yeah, it was $19 for the ticket, of course that was 1970.


Flew on one of these blue babys this past june from btv to dullas to bna. My first vacation on my own going to see an old friend and was delayed 9 hours in dullas and had to fly to Portland Maine instead of BTV Vermont, had my dad pic me up at 12am and never made it home until 6am. It was fun. I would of had to wait 2-3 days for another flight home but i had to go to a wake and funneral :cry: but it was still some crazy times. What was weird was i met a kid on my football team in dullas he was delayed as well Damn Thunderstroms. this leaves a sick feeling in my gut. :cry:



I really like(d) those Air Florida liveries as well, plus the -200 is a cool little plane. Too bad about that awful accident and the company’s inability to maintain operation.

Was that a picture you took yourself?



Yes I took at Miami next to the then Air Florida hangar. Check out some of my other aviation photos at:


silverplate wrote:

Yes I took at Miami next to the then Air Florida hangar. Check out some of my other aviation photos at:

Some awesome pictures you’ve got there! Thanks for the link.