High-Flyers photographs

I am new here, not sure where to put this topic. I have recently bought a new camera and have been working with it to get pics of high-FL aircraft. I have a few examples, which follow, but I was wondering, is there a way to look and see what will be flying over your location during the day and when? Does this site update based on emergencies or needed fuel dumps, etc. (for instance a 747 flew over my location (Greenville, NC (KPGV)) a few days ago at about FL60, doing a fuel dump, going west in the direction of KRDU, which would be the nearest airport operable to a 747. Would that have been logged on here? I would have been somewhere around 5 or 6pm ET on 2/22/07.

here are a few pics i got of it.


here are a few others i have captured in the last week or so



Citation X?

Virgin Atlantic 747

those are my best ones so far. any help would be wecome

Well, the last 4 pictures are not fuel dumping.

Uh, he didn’t say any of the pictures were of aircraft dumping fuel. Re-read his post again.

The first post of mine that the great Dami responds to and I already get to tell him to bugger off?? YOU re-read his post!!!

first of all, the ones of the LOW 747 ARE of it dumping fuel. i asked a few engineers i knew and they confirmed that. secondly, the others are NOT of them dumping fuel they are of normal contrails caused by this:

Well in that case, it appears to be an Atlas Air 747, so someone smarter than I on how to search Flightaware with your criteria may be able to help you search that date/time/area

Contrails are not caused by the wings. They are caused by the engines. The wings can sometimes make some sort of cloud/vapor at altitude (it’s rare. here’s a PIC and another, but what we normally see and know as contrails are caused by water vapor being formed as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, combined with the already present moisture in the air, and instantly freezing into tiny ice crystals.
And that 747 is for sure dumping fuel. Wingtip vortices are usually only visible in extremely moist conditions where there is a very close temp/dewpoint spread (think fog, or right after a storm has passed). The pressure drop by the wing is essentially creating a cloud as the airplane goes along.
Contrails come from the ENGINES not the WINGS.

weird…why aren’t those pics working?

747 pics look consistent with a fuel dump.

See airliners.net/open.file?id=0 … &photo_nr= for an inflight view of a fuel dump. Not quite an “official sourse” so take it for what it’s worth.

Other pics as ECUAviation said are nothing more then contrails as the vapor is behind the engines on every picture.


wow, ok now that we ahve that out of the way…the ones of the LOW 747 are fuel dumping…the others are of the airctaft causing contrails from the engines. NOT the wings…

now, can anyone answer my original questions?

Looks like a fule dump to me

I apologize, I should have posted the whole article with that information so you would realize that I know that engines cause normal contrails.


perthobservatory.wa.gov.au/i … trail.html

Ive done my best to find some info on Atlas Air Flights in the area that day, no such luck.

I came across that pic of the NW flight as well.

Well, you can click on the map image of an airport near you and see the airplanes that are nearby. The info tags are sometimes hard to read, or a lot of the airplanes might not have a tag at all due to space considerations. (don’t forget FlightAware is delayed approx 6 minutes or so) Other than that? no.
As far as emergencies, FlightAware shows it like it is. It is an accurate display of the aircrafts’ actual positions, not just the planned routing, so if there is a diversion or emergency, it will be displayed as such. But there’s no way to plan for it to “see what will be flying over your location during the day and when”.

I apologize. I didn’t see his statement "here are a few pics i got of it. " so I thought he was talking about fuel dumping in general and the first couple of pictures were of wingtip contrails from aircraft.

A ‘quick’ search of the last 2000 flights into KRDU shows NO 747’s. I can’t imagine that KRDU would get more flights then that in 4 days.

It maybe that they canceled IFR, in which case they wouldn’t show up arriving, but rather their flight would “end” at the point where they canceled.

I also searched the departures and no 747’s show leaving KRDU, so either it’s still there (and came in VFR) or it didn’t land there.

OR…Maybe it was a UFO or those were Chem trails and us humans were being “crop dusted” in preparation for a mass invasion. It’s all the Government man. :unamused:

Sorry, to much Coast to Coast am.

It may not have been landing at RDU but rather another airport such as CLT.

Looked there too. No luck. Good thought though.

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Of course it’s chemtrails! What else could it be? If it’s on the Coast to Coast AM show then it must be true. George’s and Art’s guests would never ever steer anyone wrong!

Air Tran Airways 717-200 @ FL360 400Kts. KBWI (Baltimore Washington)-KMCO (Orlando)

American Airlines 757-200 @ FL380 415Kts. KLGA (Laguardia)-KMIA (Miami)

Top: United Airlines A320 @ FL380 400Kts. KIAD (Washington Dulles)-KFLL (Fort Lauderdale Hollywood)
Bottom: Delta Airlines 767-300 @ FL330 460Kts. KMCO (Orlando)-KJFK (New York JFK)

Jet Blue A320-200


Southwest 737


im not sure what airline this 757 is, but it almost looks like the Vice President’s 757, although i know he is in Iraq right now, anyone know?

if it is an Atlas Air 747 (which contracts with the military to move troops and material) you have Pope AFB adjacent to Fort Bragg and outside Fayetteville NC. Pope is the staging area for the 82nd Airborne Division and the XVIII Airborne Corps. Also closer to Greenville is Seymour Johnson AFB, home of the 4th Fighter Wing and outside Goldsboro, NC. These bases are west and short flying distances from Greenville.

It is for sure Atlas Air, and I checked Pope and several other Mil bases in the area that I could think of, no such luck.

If you go to airliners.net and find a pic of the Atlas Air paint scheme you can compare them side by side. In the middle picture you can barely make out the Yellow Atlas emblem on the tail, and the purple of the tail comes all the way up to the wing box. In the last picture you can make out the yello “AIR” on the right side of the fuselage just forward of the wing.