U.S. Airways Long Haul Fleet


If U.S. Airways buys more long haul aircraft do you think they would buy boeing or airbus? And what plane’s???


I’m going out on a limb here. I’d say the planes (no apostrophe for the plural) will have more than 1 engine but less than 3.

Boeing would be a better choice for them because they have the 787 and Airbus doesn’t.


Drops Airbus and goes for Boeing.


Thanks alot that let me know everything i wanted!


you would think though that they would stick with the A330 until the A350 comes out as it would keep training costs down


This still hasn’t been confirmed by US or Airbus…I’d suspect that they’re still talking. USAirways should have one hell of a deal from somebody by the time the order is placed. What a breakthrough for Boeing if they win the order, with all the past bad blood between the companies.


Airbus won they order 22 a350xwm-800s and around 10 332’s not to mention all the a320 family aircraft


Yet another reason I refuse to fly US Air! Well, that and their industry worst customer service.


I think I heard that they’re buying some secondhand A343s as well. I’ll have to hunt for my source on that.

I wasn’t surprised at all about the A350 XWB order. They were the only U.S. airline that had already placed orders for the old A350 design, and they haven’t placed any orders for new Boeing a/c in 15 years or so. I’m not sure if “the feud” lives on, or if Airbus is just bidding low to keep their money out of Seattle.


Airbus subsidized the whole America West merger/US Airways emergance from bankruptcy by signing a deal for a “loan” and a commitment for the A350’s and options on other Airbus models.


Well, there you go. Knowing that, why did anyone even entertain the thought that USAirways was seriously considering a 787 order a few months ago??? They’ll be in debt (figuratively) to Airbus for years to come.


with glitches like this, they may not need new aircraft.

Flight doesn’t take off, but angry passengers do
Saturday August 04, 2007 04:25:35 EDT

FORGET SNAKES, Aug 04, 2007 (Philadelphia Daily News - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX News Network) –

it was “Baked on a Plane” for 200 passengers who boarded a Germany-bound US Airways flight in Philadelphia Thursday night.

Scheduled for an 8:20 p.m. departure, maintenance and staffing problems prompted a 10 1/2-hour delay that left so many passengers steaming-mad, they stormed off to make other travel plans.

One red-hot flier estimated that nearly 50 passengers refused to get back on board Flight 706, which finally departed with 155 passengers for its 8-hour -20-minute flight to Munich at 6:47 a.m. yesterday.

“I have been flying for 30 years and have never seen anything like this,” flier Larry Hawthorne told KYW Newsradio (1060-AM). “I have never seen a bunch of passengers rebel like this. It was a sight to behold.”

US Airways spokesman Morgan Durrant said a string of problems prompted the unusual delay.

The flight initially was held up by a problem with the ground-to-air radio, Durrant said. By the time that was corrected, the pilot discovered a faulty start valve in the Boeing 767 that needed replacement, he said.

As repairs were under way, the flight crew “timed out,” meaning they were no longer legally or contractually allowed to fly, Durrant said. So corralling a replacement crew took more time.

And refueling became necessary, prompting even further delay, Durrant said.

In the meantime, passengers spent about 3 1/2 hours sitting on the plane, but were allowed to return to the terminal until the new crew assembled. During the delay, airline employees distributed snacks, drinks and meal vouchers to irritated passengers.

“We know that this was unacceptable,” Durrant said. “This was very unusual. If we have a delay, usually it is because of weather or traffic control.”

The passenger revolt was the latest smear on the airline’s local record during a year that has seen other troubles.

In March, the airline was besieged by cranky customers when a combination of bad weather, computer glitches and other factors left hundreds of travelers stranded at the Philly airport while their bags went into the dark void of Luggage Limbo.

Then last weekend, a US Airways pilot veered his jet into the path of another plane, ignoring a traffic controller’s directions and avoiding a collision by just 1,000 feet. That incident remains under investigation.

Durrant promised the airline would work hard to make amends.

“We’ll for sure reach out to these customers,” Durrant said. “This is not indicative of anything systemically wrong with the airline. We appreciate our customers for sticking with us through this.”


Wow. A long delay in Philadelphia and the controllers had nothing to do with it. That IS news!! :smiley:


A more recent news bite straight from the source.

06/18/07 US Airways Announces Plans to Acquire 92 Airbus Aircraft



i was flicking through some airliner world mags from 2005 and noticed a caption which said US airways had placed firm orders for the 787 though did not say how many