American Airlines' new A319s


I was wondering if anyone had info on whether American’s new A319s are based/used in certain cities, or if they are evenly distributed throughout their route system. The reason I ask is because I am flying LAX-MSP in December and hoping to fly on the new birds.
(I know there’s two different kinds of A319s in the fleet already)


The only Airbus aircraft they have taken delivery recently are A321’s. The last A319’s were delivered in late 2015.


I believe the A319 fleets are fully integrated, so it could be a new A319, or an old US Airways East or West A319.


I know which A319s are which. I’m asking if they are mainly used in certain cities, like DFW or LAX.


I am aware of that. I’m asking if the latest delivered A319’s with the winglets are used mainly in certain cities


Tail number N8030F, N8031M and N4032T are the only three A319-115’s and the last three delivered to AA/US. Based off of flights over the past month, all three seem to have a LAX and MIA focus. Does alot of AUS, SEA and ATL runs. When they hit ATL, they head to MIA. Not seeing anything to MSP.


Thats good that they are getting more Airbus aircraft instead if a lot of new Boeing.


It’s about 50/50. They still have a few A321’s that haven’t been delivered. The A350’s are still on the Airbus books but they’ve been deferred a couple of times. They have 125 737’s (few 800’s some MAX’s) and 25 787’s on order (bulk of them being -9’s) All the A319’s have been delivered and there are no orders for any NEO Airbus aircraft.


The name is McBoeing.