Aircraft spotting from the bottom

One place I frequent is under the flightpath from SFO. Unfortunately, by the time they get to where I am, they are nearly directly overhead and over 5,000 feet up. I have a hard time figuring out who is who.

I searched for a site that would show aircraft from the bottom in addition to normal 3 views (front, top, side). Does anyone know of site that would have views of the bottom of the aircraft and, ideally, color schemes of the airlines that choose to paint their bottoms (e.g. United’s color scheme extends to the bottom of their aircraft).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Planes arriving to PBI make their turn over my house. I can immediatly identify a Jet Blue plane (A320) by the distinctive whine from the engines. They also have a dark blue underside on all their A320’s. Thats all I can offer you as far as underside paint schemes.

I don’t know of a site. I have an old book somewhere that shows a blueprint type drawing of airliners. Also I have a Boeing book with similar drawings.

I can usually tell what most planes are at cruise. I see european flights heading for California, alot of arrivals going into Seattle and the occasional SWA 737 between GEG and PDX. SWA is easy because of their colors. I just use a process of elimination to figure out what they are. I might have picked up some of it by listening to my scanner and then looking for the plane as it went over. Now if I’m not sure, I look them up on FA.

Dami, if you could get some pics of of the ones that you’re unsure of…post them and we’ll see if we can help in identifying them…

Thanks for the offer.

Unfortunately, where I see them, photography is frowned upon (see my profile).

I do know that many of them are United due to the blue bottoms and I can identify the American because of the polished aluminum and the fact that they are MD80s.

HHmmmm…I see the predicament…Are there other…non photography restricted plane spotting locations that you frequent?

Not really because other places would be close to the airport and I can see them from the side.
Thanks again for the offer.

I spend my winters in Florida [Snowbird, get it?] about 2.6SM west of the threshold of KFLL’s runway 9L. Where I live is about 1500 Ft from that runway’s axis. Most of the time, the runway in use is 9L, therefore we are under the approach route at approximately an 11 o’clock angle. Someone scorching him/herself in the sun there will witness at least a couple of hundred approaches per day.

Most approaches are right on the axis, but a few will fly right over us. I got to admit, identifying aircraft from the bottom using paint schemes as reference can be a bit tricky.

-Some airlines like Southwest, US Air, Delta, Air Canada, to name a few, are in a long term program to change liveries on their aircraft.
-Star Alliance partners each have a few aircraft painted in Star Alliance livery, with the specific airline name written in smaller characters somewhere towards the front of the plane.
-Some airlines have special-themed liveries on one or a few aircraft (Southwest’s Texas One , Sea World or Air Canada’s Make-a-Wish foundation etc…)

KFLL is a great place for plane spotting, there is a parking lot near the 9L with a speaker system set up so we can hear the ATC. It didn’t take me too long to learn that THAT is the place they want us to be! One afternoon, when I biked over there, I went on the stretch of the Airport Perimeter road [public rd, btw] between I-95 and runway 9L. I stopped right under the approach route, with the intention of taking pics of the undercarriages of the 3 planes I could see on approach. Within minutes, a Broward Sherriff’s car pulled up and “politely” told me to either use the designated area or face the consequences.

I ought to be down there by the middle of November, so if no “Aircraft from Bottom” topic is started by then, I’ll start one with pics.

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Anyway (probably not much use) but you can replay the PASSUR feed from SFO the next day (flight IDs are hidden for 24 hours :unamused: ).

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JetBlue are easy to distinguish with their blue underneath.

Since they only fly A320’s and E190’s, once we have a picture of each model, it is relatively easy to figure out which is which.

This is the Airbus

And this is the Embraer. (Please excuse the power wires)

This is a BahamasAir Dash8.

Peculiar thing, my camera time (That I keep within 1 minute from GPS time) shows 13:55. The DH8C was about half a minute from KFLL runway 9L threshold, but the arrival log of flight BHS103 in FlightAware shows 13:46.
(It was the only DH8 landing at KFLL within an hour before or after 1400, so the wrong flight is not an explanation)

The order of my other pictures and the list of arrivals in FlightAware don’t quite correspond. I’m trying to figure that out. Any help out there please?