A few comments and Questions

Hello, I found this website by mistake and ever since, I’ve become addicted to it. I would like to thank all the veteran members for making this such a fun website to go to.

With that said, I have a few general questions.

  1. How come some of the planes are a light blue and others are green?

  2. When you click on status and it shows the Time, Position, Ground
    speed, Altitude and Facility. it would be nice if they had a link for the position that displays a map exactly where that plane was. I’ve had to open another web page and plug in the Latitude and Longitude to get an idea where the plane’s position was. Does this make sense? :confused:

I love this website!!

Thank you

Welcome aboard.

For faster responses, may I suggest a more informative subject line?

If you click on the map, you may see the key at the bottom (it’s not always legible, depending on your computer settiings). The legend states (using the KCLE map as an example) “Flights in blue are to/from KCLE; flights in green are in the vicinity.”

If you click on an active flight, a map will appear. It shows the current location (not in much detail) of the aircraft. If you click on the map, a larger map appears.

May I also suggest you take a look at the Questions/Answers link located at the top right of every page. It’s full of information on using FlightAware. Also, go through the forum. Lots of tips and information is located there.

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WELCOME!!! :smiley: