newbee question from KBOW

Hi group, newbie here with a couple questions.
I quit flying in 1980 and finding this site sure gets the memories flowing…THANKS
I’m located abt 1 1/2 miles from KBOW

#1 what is difference between flights depicted in blue or green.
#2 wondering if N22NA is a member here? Saw this T6 leaving KBOW and wondering if the owner is the one who was my neighbor in Illinois, flying out of KBMI.

An observation… saw a flight (visual) on final to KBOW from back deck. Rushed back inside to see 'puter and flight was listed as “arrived 6 min ago”. I’m old but it didn’t take me 6 min to walk inside…:wink:
Again Thanks for opportunity to rekindle my aviation interest.


Look at the bottom of the screen:

Flights in blue are to/from KMEZ; flights in green are in the vicinity.

If you haven’t already, reading the questions/answers (at the top right of every page in FlightAware) and browsing through the forum will greatly enhance your usage of FlightAware. If you do this, you’ll see that the data is not live but rather on a 5-6 minute delay. Additionally, the landing time is not the time the aircraft parks but the wheels down time.

Welcome to the forums hope you stick around for awhile and get to know us…