Odd paint job on a continental flight 8:28 tonight

I saw what seemed too big to be a B7238 landing at SJC this evening right around 8:30 yet the flight tracker clearly shows only a Continental B738 landing at that time. It also didn’t seem to have the typical Continental paint scheme on the tail.

Are they trying out some new paint schemes or is it possible something isn’t showing in the flight tracker?

Paint scheme was a mostly white body with a multi-colored tail. Also, it looked a little large to be a B738 but perhaps my angle was just wrong?

Here’s a colorful scheme on a 777, but it’s the body that is colorful with the same old Continental tail

Other than the old scheme from the 1970’s, that’s all of the Continental planes with different schemes posted in the last few months. You may be one of the first people to see something new that’s not yet posted.

I’ve seen the same markings a couple of times now. I’ll pay attention and post if I can figure out definitively what I saw.

Yes, if the airplane is “blocked” you won’t see it on FA. Could possibly have been a BBJ or private 757.

Try replaying the arrivals at www4.passur.com/sjc.html to see if anything fits the bill.

Mystery solved. The flight was HAL44. It didn’t show up on the arrival papges for SJC, but when you search for the flight it shows up at landing at 8:22pm.

Is this a bug in the flightaware website?

No bug.

That would probably be the arrival time that FA received from the FAA…