Air Force Two

Tracked Visually on dump1090 and heard on ATC this evening.

Date: January 23, 2016
Time: 21:03GMT
Call Sign: AF2
A/C Type: B757 VC-32A

Flying across Southern UK, East to West at FL370, crossing the Bristol Sector and requested decent to FL330. Then went onto Shannon Control, where it requested decent to FL270. Not sure if it was an over-fly of Southern Ireland or whether it landed at Shannon.

These are the moments I cherish using PiAware, when I capture these V.V.I.P flights :smiley:

Whilst I appreciate, that this isn’t “The Presidential” flight. See my other link “Air Force One” here, which was. notable-activity/air-force-one-t36309.html

Nice catch over there. Probably coming back fron WEF.

Thanks :slight_smile: That’s a possibility but wouldn’t they be on AF1 with The President? Or is that how it is done - President on AF1 and the VP on AF2 trailing behind?

I think the policy “don’t put all of your turkeys, er ‘eggs’ in one basket” comes into play. :smiley:

Makes perfect sense. Thanks :slight_smile: