Air Force Two at MCO?


Today I was driving in Orlando past the airport and saw a C-40B (Government/military 737) It was white and blue and had the flags, all like the famous AF1 747. It was positioned for takeoff on 18R (westernmost, southbound). It waited for 4 or 5 minutes and then took off at about 5:48 pm and headed off to the east.

Anyone have an idea of what it was here for? Biden was in town on Monday, but would he just be leaving Wednesday afternoon? I don’t even think they use it as AF2 much anyway. Who else flies those things?

Also, a few years back, also in Orlando, I saw what I swore was the government GV coming into ORL. I guess it’s common place that they fly these jets around, but it always amazes me a little to see.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!


Just about everyone in Congress, including those who despise the military, thinks of the Air Force as their own private airline. It could have been just about anyone.

Also, it may have been National Guard or Reserve troops going someplace. Many of them use commercial charters but sometimes they use Air Force aircraft.


Congressmen almost always fly commercial.

In my years in the industry I have either seen personally or seen the reservations for dozens of senators and representatives. Some of them even fly coach.

Former presidents and vice presidents also often fly commercial. They are usually seated in row 1 and the row behind them is blocked for use by the secret service.

The “executive” USAF 737’s are almost always used for the current vice president or for large delegations of USAF officers.