Air Force One and Two

During the last two presidential cycles my son and I saw AF 1 and 2 so often at CID we quit going out for them and held out for the C130 and C17’s that supported the presidential trips. Now THEY were exotic! I haven’t considered who is bringing all of the candidates that are now roaming through IA. I presume charters. But if as many candidates are landing at Iowa airports as there are ringing my phone with robot political propaganda, there must be some interesting aircraft showing up (or at least a lot of aircraft showing up). We are also responsible for my wife’s parents’ house in NH (believe it or not), the only other place all of these candidates are showing up so often. It amazes us when we talk to family in CA and MA how unaware they are of the intensity of the primary/caucaus (sic?) campaigning going on (I have DISH and avoid watching local channels this close to an election!). But the plane-watching is going to be great! Jan / CID

On behalf of the other 48 states, I apologize for the troubles you and New Hampshire are going through with all of the idiots, er, presidential hopefuls are doing to your states. :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Ohhh, that’s funny…

The sheer logistics involved with the movement of the President is astonishing to say the least.

The glimpse of AF1 and the motorcade lasts maybe 4 minutes combined. The watching of the security personnel involved with protecting him is just amazing. Interstate closures, street closures, airspace closures. I can’t tell you how eerie it was to hear complete motor-free silence at Sea-tac moments before his arrival. All roads were stopped. All aircraft movement in the air and on the ground halted. All so coordinated. And this is repeated at every single stop those aircraft make. Crews are already in place preparing another city for the next hop and the one after that (not counting the months of planning and training prior).

All this for one man?

That’d give anyone a God complex.

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Yeah there is a lot involved,interesting to see the CH-53s when he came in here a few weeks ago,one flew over my house at 2100 feet a couple of days in advance checking out the scenery!Also interesting was the intercepts by the F-22 because pilots didnt know about the closed airspace.