VC 25 AF1

I was driving south on I -95 past Wash, DC on Sunday the 23rd. I saw a 4 engine a/c head climbing southbound and turning west at about 10:30 AM

I figured it came from one of the 19s at Andrews AFB. Then I read that Obama was headed to Mass. that same morning.

Any chance of knowing on which runway and which ascent path AF1 took?

Not from radar tracking data. It’s a military flight, so it’s automatically blocked from being tracked by sites like this one. The only hope would be from ATC recordings, but it seems unlikely. Maybe ask over at

You might have seen a KC-135 or many other possibilities.

Yes, I am aware that gov and AF flights are not tracked and that it could have been another aircraft.
I was wondering if anyone knew a departure time that day.

Thanks anyway.