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Newest Catch for me

All the time Ive been watching, never caught one of these in the view… Got the P3s and P8s out of Whidbey and KCs and C17s out of McChord … but this is a newone

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The Boeing C-32A with registration 99-0004 just left Ramstein Air Force Base.
The aircraft is often used as Air Force Two for Vice President, FLOTUS or Secretary of State

Today i caught also an F18 from Swiss Air Force:

What web interface is that Foxhunter?

Radarcape/AirSquitter. It’s a dedicated solution with different techniques developed by Jetvision


Today a C17.
Nothing special, I see this several times over the day.
But it’s the first time i see it with “Flightaware” as source.

This map is from which site / software?
Disregard. Scrolled up and found the answer.

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Interesting catch this morning.
Czech Air Force over Germany with a Casa C-295M

EADS CASA C-295 - Wikipedia

Noticed an F16 from Amsterdam to Cairo??

Looks like a misidentification in that app of KLM’s routine scheduled flight 553 AMS-CAI with a Boeing 777.


SOURCE: https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=a3a878

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Saw Hawker(s?) in NorCal in the past month, too. No sure if the same one. How do you get ADSBx to display multiple tracks?

Comma Separated ICAOs, appended to URL




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While I tried this before without success, this does work for airborne objects. (Even then, the browser (or site) does something very peculiar. As soon as the site returns page, additional ICAOs are dropped from URL so I cannot close the randomly chosen side panel; but I can display another plane by clicking on the icon or the list on the right-hand side.)

That is what happens with me too, very peculiar.

Above URL has ICAOs for 3 aircraft. When this URL is clicked or copy-pasted, only first one is displayed in browser’s address field, but the map and table display all the 3 aircraft.