McDonnell 220

I found this jem while browsing the YouTubes today, and thought you may enjoy this video. How many of you haven’t even ever heard about this? McDonnell 220 Business Jet Promo Film - 1963 - YouTube)

I look at the plane’s four skinny engines and think “Hustler”. I like it.

I’d fly it

It’s too bad it never “took off.” I would love to see it flying. Anyone have the money to buy the prototype and restore it?

I just noticed that at about 3:03 in the video, it says something along the lines of “the engines are mounted in individual pods under the wings… Experience has proven this to be the safest.” I have a feeling that is a shot at the JetStar, which McDonnell should have had strong feelings about at that time. The 220 was created to compete for the Air Force’s UTX/UCX contract, but lost to the JetStar.

Nice aircraft. Good find. . .

You can see this aircraft in person at El Paso (KELP). Its been stored there for years and still looks airworthy. Hopefully someone will save this aircraft and get it into a museum. I have some great pictures of the 220 over the years at KELP. The Convair 990 it was parked next to was broken up last week. Sad!

I remember reading that it was parked next to a 990. I’d love to see it, but KELP is rather far from KBLM. It is sad that the 990 was broken up.

Sounds like John Forsythe narrating.

At 1:10 into the video, when the scene changes, I thought the executive and his secretary were entering another place in the cabin for some mile-high action! :laughing: It turned out to be one of his flunkies being sent there so the the two of them could be alone in the larger cabin! :stuck_out_tongue:

I half-expected him to pull a laptop out of that briefcase, not a stack of papers and a pen. :stuck_out_tongue:

WTF. Did you see that couch? I had that in my basement in the 70s. Mine wasn’t crash worthy either. Surprised they didn’t have plastic covers on it.