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Planeplotter problems - new share codes

Hi I see from the FlightAware stats my reports are still updating to my old sharecode Eb although it is now showing kb in the Planeplotter network test!

I won’t change anything in Flightaware until things have settled down.

I think PP is still in flux. Friday’s EQ became IQ this am and is not SR. There appear to be ‘anomalies’, the word Sir Branson used regarding the recent Virgin Galactic flight.

Anomaly, along with nominal and event have always been used in spaceflight… don’t understand why everyone is coming down so hard on that issue…

all PP sharers to FA are down now, because the sharecodes have changed.
the question is.
shall all users reregisters with new codes or can someone from FA change their database manually by editing old and new codes?

Daniel ?

We are working on it. The current plan is to try and de-activate the old codes then automatically re-associate the new codes with the correct users. Once that’s settled, we can look at merging the stats, the joined date, etc.

Thanks Daniel (there are an awful lot that have been reassigned)

They are having too many problems and some are needing to do it all over again. I tried to Post on the PP Yahoo forum what to do as I could not find Bevs message, however it was drowned out by the noise and I got a couple nasty messages in Email from Paul something.

Im offline till it gets sorted. Its just too much crap to deal with right now.

Same here. My PP site is a SMU, but it is staying off till tomorrow at least. It is fed from RPi which is still merrily uploading to FA.

I have the feeling that the guys from PP did not have a proper backup of their database and server harddrives and it all got totally corrupted, resulting in a complete loss of all sharercodes and their connection to a serial number, thus everbody got a new code now.
the fatal thing is, that something else is wrong… PP server timestamps seem to be totally off and resulting in all users getting NTP errors…
no MLAT, not sharing, no Master user status.
and its an on off situation which changes every couple of hours…
so nothing sorted out yet

simply a total f… up…

I know what the PP team is going through now and I hope they have the strength to find a proper way out of it…

HOPE I can get a Raspberry soon, I think I may just feed FA and forget PP the way its going.

It’s still broke. It isn’t pretty there at the moment, I’d venture to guess. I do hope we find out just what went wrong. I can’t help thinking that PP was a small niche app whose useage has grown way beyond expectations. $25 to buy in and then free forever- I’d be willing to support an annual subscription to cover infrastructure costs. I hope we will eventually get info on just what went wrong.

It’s true that things still seem to be in flux with PP. If possible, please keep running and feeding FA and we’ll work to clean it up once the situation is stabilized, hopefully tomorrow.

I have got my old share codes back now so the temporary ones can be ditched.

Server problem perhaps with a hard drive failure appears to have been the cause. It was up intermittently at first and many users ended up with new codes (including me).

Eventually access to the site had to be blocked in order to do a repair and restore. By that time, I think quite a few people had new share codes.

It appears to be up now but user problems are going to be ignored until tomorrow as I understand. This delay will allow the site to stabilize and also to allow the PP system background processes to be restarted.

At least this is what I have understood from what I’ve read in the Yahoo PP group.


My sharing has resumed on PP, although I went through three different sharing codes in the process and am now lb. One has to feel for having such a large network crash, and the hours it takes to get it back up and running. Of course now FA has my current sharing code assigned to another user, another headache to overcome. During the outage at PP, I continued to feed data to FA despite it not associating my sharer code with my account. Not sure if this created more of a mess for FA or not.

Let’s wait a few days until things are stabilized before we try to merge identifiers. You can re-register if your code has changed, although COAA is trying to get everyone back on their original code.

Any update on your plans to resolve these conflicts.

I sent a message to the support address on Friday, and was referred back to this discussion.

My share code changed, and is stable and validated with PP as a GS, and SMU, but when I try to enter the new code for FlightAware it tells me it’s already registered to another user.

Chuck Kimball
Glenwood Springs, CO

What’s your new code?

Hi, my old code was D4, new code is lh (lowercase L, lowercase H).


l3 lower case l - lima 3 was previously uA