Is there a way to feed without planeplotter

I’m done with it. Another server crash and users forced to jump through hoops and get new ids plus change everything and then have to
request to be reinstated. It took several messages just for them to restore jM to me instead of a newly assigned. And this morning after
he wondered why I didn’t just redo everything and he said he fixed it I find he only changed the ID back to jM. I would need to redo everything
to get master user and approved ground station back. So I’m done with PP and deleted it.

Is there a program that will share with flight aware other than PP.

Im waiting to see if Santa brings a Raspberry also, if not I may just go that route.

I agree it is very annoying. Fortunately for me I left well alone and switched on during the outage and once restarting PP the message to authenticate went away and my code stayed the same. A lot of other people weren’t so lucky. This is only the 2nd time in 8 years they have had a problem like this so hopefully it will be the last knock on wood. The difficulty with the feed to FlightAware is that if codes change it causes endless problems because there is a good chance your new code is registered to someone else. May be the link should be to the software registration number which doesn’t change.

Maybe FA used the PP ident code when developing the sharing system because the PP had been stable for so long. One crash in 8 years due to a hard driver failure is pretty stable. Will have to wait for the post mortem on the cause of the second outage.

Maybe FlightAware will support the PUSH feeding option on the VRS software.
It would be nice to shutdown the PlanePlotter software one day.

How do we tell it’s back alive?

This is my first rodeo with a PP crash. Sounds like it’s painful.

Yea, I think the fun of PP has run out pretty quick.

Ive not replied to them, but recieved a couple hate mails from the fan Boi’s telling me how much I lost. But I didnt lose anythign, I can still use
virtural radar server which is what it was all about. I was asked by a few people over there (virtual server people that used PP) to please feed to PP so that the
MLAT dead space in my area could be filled in. I jumped through a ton of hoops to help them out and twice had to jump through a
ton of hoops after it died. For doing some favors it sure became a chore.

Im doing this for fun, not to get screemed at by fan boi’s. I like feeding Flightaware because Ive been using this site long before
all this tech stuff. Thats why Im hoping to find a feed without PP. Hopefully Santa will bring a Raspberry for Christmas. If not I
think I have a way to get one soon.

As far as PP, prolly not going back. I had enough of that.

I’m going to give the RPi a try over the break. I have all the stuff x 2 (from other foolings with the RPi). As lond as I can feed FA and I can use other software like SB Scope and VRS, I may take a break from PP. I’m too new to it to fully understand that software as I feel I’m really only using about 20% of its functionality.

I understand FA may have a Win app I can feed to them with. How does one find this out ???

The pi is the way to go, it’s easy to set up and you just leave it running. The big difference with using a windows machine is that it’s cheap enough that you use one for feeding and if you find you want to do something else on the Pi … you get another one rather that trying to shoehorn everything onto the one machine.

Dead again…not good.

They’re definitely having challenges with their service provider,, according to the whois for coaa.

I may come back later to PP. It seems too rickety and amateurish to dedicate any time to it. I’ll feed FA with a Piaware unit or two after the holidays.

Piaware, like dump1090 is open source software with the source code publicly available. Someone, I think it was Malcolm Robb, ported dump1090 to a windows environment. Perhaps someone, dissatisfied with PlanePlotter, might like to take on that task with piaware. It appears there is a community of users that would be happy with the successful effort. Myself, I’m willing to wait for the people at Planeplotter to work out the server issues.

Disclaimer: IMHO, for FA to do so would be a waste of staff resources for a negative ROI.

…They could download Oracle Virtual box, then install a 20Gb debiam based virtual machine into a virtual on the windows box (best if it’s a modern box with plenty of memory), or then again - purpose and old PC to run the linux.

Dead again…again?

I second guessed my bail out from PP but all came back as I just ignored it (didn’t care really). Down again.

I’d hate to have actually paid any $$ for it.

Did a PlanePlotter network test, not seeing any issues here.