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FlightAware not recognizing PlanePlotter feed

I registered my PlanePlotter sharing code on Feb. 4 and within 15 minutes I started to see my stats populate and my enterprise account kicked in. Sweet.

Then on March 9, FlightAware stopped recognizing my feed. I contacted FA via email and after a few days they suggested I re-register my sharing code, so I did. Nothing happened. So I did again. And again. And again. It still hasn’t worked.

I’ve checked my setup in PlanePlotter and I’ve contacted COAA (dev of PlanePlotter) and asked them to check my installation’s status, and they tell me everything is running just fine on my end. I’ve emailed FA twice since they got back to me the first time, but I’ve had no replies back since then.

I realize that I live in an area that already has pretty decent ADSB coverage, so my feed isn’t top priority, but I should think it shouldn’t take more than a month to figure out the problem, either. Of course, since my feed is no longer registering with FA, I no longer have an enterprise account, which sucks.

Since I see FA staff replying fairly regularly on these forums, perhaps someone would be good enough to try to resolve this issue.



Hi Rob
Are you sure your Planeplotter share code hasn’t changed? If so you will need to register the new one.
Also make sure that the case is correct.

It definitely has not changed. Nothing about my PlanePlotter install has changed.


what is your share code?

Amazingly, without me having done anything, sharing is suddenly working again. After almost a month. And just one day after I posted on here. Coincidence?