Can't connect PlanePlotter to FA network

Hi everyone,
My radar computer finally ate it a couple of weeks ago. I was finally able to source a replacement, but when I set up the new machine I found I’m unable to resume sharing to FlightAware. My sharecode used to be vU, but now PP just shows --. I contact COAA and they have verified that my new installation was set to my old sharecode, but I am not seeing it in PP and the data I am feeding is not being sent to FA. I’m site 6775. COAA says everything appears to be correct on my end. Any ideas to get PP sharing with FA again?

Share codes are handled by the PlanePlotter servers. You need to re-register the plane plotter program so it can connect to their servers. After registration, If you get the old share code everything will work as before. If you get a new share code then you need to contact COAA and have it changed back to your old share code.

The dashes (–) mean you haven’t connected and you either need to register the program or need to send valid ADSB to plane plotter.

Link to register Planeplotter.
Serial is found in the Plane Plotter program.