Plane Plotter share data failing


After a recent update to my Plane Plotter software the data on the My ADS-B page is not updating. There were no changes on the PP side of things. I’ve confirmed the share codes (Fq and rg) are the same. It happened on two separate PCs. Others on the PP page have confirmed they have no issues after the update. My PiAware account is fine and I can see data locally in PP.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


I have been having that same problem for the last few days, I have to do pc restarts twice a day.


I think I’m done with PP. I’m the only PP user in 100 miles. Not sure what that benefits me or anyone else. I just got re-authenticated, change my share code. Have to go thru the hassle and micro agrressions of getting it changed back.

I have all the rPi parts - I may build it out tomorrow and discard the PP headaches.


See these 2 emails from Bev I got overnight here in the UK. Not sure if it relevant to your problems.

Unless it is just me, there seems to be a problem with the COAA server.
I have notified the engineers and am awaiting a response from them. This is not the best time of the week for a quick response.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

While we are trying to get things working again, please do not make any changes to your PlanePlotter systems that my be ill-advised when it comes back properly.