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How can i get my pp share code?

i have been regedit the pp,but share code can’t show up.

It should be under the “Help” -> “About PlanePlotter”

Same problem here. Share code displays as “–” in both dialogs (About and Share Settings). Do we need to feed a certain number of aircraft and/or for a certain period before we get a share code?


After you’ve registered and enabled sharing, you’ll need to go to Help -> Authenticate. Then, you should be able to receive your code.

Failing that, this page may have tips: coaa.co.uk/planeplottersupport.htm

…or you can contact COAA to see what’s up: support@coaa.co.uk

Did all that already. I’ll contact COAA then.

Turned out I had configured PlanePlotter to upload only, whereas it needed to download to retrieve the share code. Clicking the single arrow in the toolbar till it displayed two arrows fixed the issue.

I’ve registered the share code an hour ago or so; the feed still doesn’t show on my profile though…

EDIT: Nevermind, just got an email that FlightAware is now receiving my data. Yeah! :slight_smile:

Good tip! I did not know that.

Your ADS-B stats are live: flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/gijsrooy

I’m currently having this problem. If you could describe the fix a little bit more precise since i’m new to the software.


May I suggest you start with:
Have you joined the Planeplotter group at yahoo.com?