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Planeplotter feed to FlightAware stopped


My FlightAware alert has informed me that my planeplotter feed is no longer providing data. is it a glitch at your end? this has been also been reported by another user.


Same here since 2200Z. I’ve asked the question on the PP group page as well.


Seemingly Flightaware have blocked uploading direct from Planeplotter :thinking:


My Planeplotter feed stopped working as well. I checked for an updated version of Planeplotter, I was behind one version, so I ran the update. Rebooted my computer and ran the test within Planeplotter and everything per the test is working. Therefore, the problem looks like it’s on the FlightAware side. My data share to FlightAware stopped working between 1600 an 1700 EST on 1/28/19. However, the other three shares within Planeplotter are still working.


I am receiving such email stated that my planeplotter is not sending data to flightaware.

I thought my pc or network has issue. All my other PiAware are working.


All my other shares are working fine too.


Same here… my Planeplotter is sending to everyone except FlightAware. The problem has to be in their in coming data servers.


I only provide to flightaware.com (PP) so I have no idea is it only mine has problem or all others. Luckily found this topic and can post it here and waiting for a confirmation from flightaware staff.


Run the build in test (in the “About” tab) within Planeplotter… it’ll tell you if it’s on your side or FlightAwares.


According to Planeplotter support Flightaware have deliberately stopped allowing Planeplotter data upload.


Is it true? Unbelievable…


You would think FlightAware would have sent all Planeplotter users an email. FlightAware paid for my Planeplotter software and I know they have my email address.


flightaware also paid for my planeplotter and if anything they shall contact us to announce something…
Unfortunately not at the moment.


If that’s how FlightAware is going to be, I’ll stop my PiAware feed to them as well, and only feed the other three. Just FYI Planeplotter sees more aircraft than PiAware ever did from the same receiver.


That speculation makes no sense.

If i remember correctly to feed with PlanePlotter Flightaware basically has to connect to you instead of the other way around (which normally is the case with their feed software).

They would probably have a dedicated server connecting to all the planeplotter users.
If that server is down for whatever reason the feeding with planeplotter would no longer work.

No need to assume they are stopping planeplotter feeding …
I’m sure they would first announce that before phasing that out.


I’ve already found a breakdown between their support staff and those posting on this forum. I have supported them due to their efforts in making hardware available to people at low prices. However, a resolution is only an uncheck of a tick box after all.


It is 6:41 in the morning there right now, when first post in this thread was made it wsa the middle of the night.


I agree. However Planeplotter sends to FlightAware not the other way around. There are very sound reasons for this in networking, being how most users are setup to the internet.


Well it still isn’t there default feeder, so the connections would go to another server probably just as well.


In the beginning it was…