Data not uploading properly


Hi There,
I Have been sending data through planeplotter for the last 5 days (computer has pretty much been unattended).

Today I sat down to have a look through at what the computer was doing and noticed that hardly any of the flights, and position updates that are coming through dump1090 are making it through to my flightaware.

Please help, as I think there may be valuable information that isn’t being shared for one reason or another.

I have also noticed that sometimes my flightaware says that the flight feed hasn’t checked in for 15 or so minutes, even though it is all up and running on the pc.


Check if the Planeplotter feed is working ok Help > test networking. If not it may be an Internet connection problem


Time last accessed (UTC)

2015-07-27 10:46:15

Check NTP
Last acft up
Last acft down
Tot acft up
Raw data en.
Raw data valid
Master User
GS perf.

I also seem to have a small amount of transmits per airplane (7).

Would this be caused by whatever is stopping the stats from uploading properly?

Is there any sort of large delay when uploading data?


I should probably add that I’m using windows 7 - dump1090 - planeplotter


Looks like an aerial problem. What type have you got, where is it mounted and is the connection to the RTL dongle good?


The aerial is fine.
The problem is that not all of the data showing up in dump1090 and plane plotter is showing up on the website.