help me i ADS-B no Upload data

i ads-b Automatic upgrade flightfeeder system to 6.2, but i don t new system no upload data, it is working, working light is green, i just can only upload data through PlanePlotter

I think anyone can understand what your are saying…

yep, Simply put it is the device will not automatically upload their own data, only through PlanePlotter upload

I think I’m having the same problem so I’ll try and explain it better :wink:

My setup seems to be working. I can load the local webpage and see planes. My feeder check-in shows “Live” less than a minute ago. And my log file is showing reports being sent to FA:

[2015-07-18 08:55 MST] 13748 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (36 in last 5m); 13734 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2015-07-18 09:00 MST] 13776 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (28 in last 5m); 13762 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2015-07-18 09:03 MST] mlat(4457): Receiver connection: ready
[2015-07-18 09:03 MST] mlat(4457): Server connection: ready
[2015-07-18 09:03 MST] mlat(4457): Receiver: 3.8 msg/s received 0.1kB/s from receiver
[2015-07-18 09:03 MST] mlat(4457): Server: 0.0 kB/s from server 0.0kB/s TCP to server 0.0kB/s UDP to server
[2015-07-18 09:03 MST] mlat(4457): Aircraft: 6 known, 1 requested by server

(My setup is a little deaf right now, waiting on a new adapter to hook my new RTL to my good antenna…should be here later today.)

I’m showing 2,695 positions reported today and 224 aircraft and the hourly collection graph is showing 181 in the last 24 hours.


My Data Feed is showing: 15-Jul-2015 - 2 days ago

I’m not getting the rosette showing distances on reports.

And my daily collection graphs are showing single digits for ADS-B reports but thousands of “reports” In the past those two tracked each other very closely.

I had assumed this was because my location and airport settings were wrong. But dbaker fixed them for me about 3 hours ago (the change was too large and it wouldn’t let me make it) and things still seem the same.

So something seems wrong and it seems to have started after the update.

oh Can you tell me how to export the log? thank you

I just went to the “My ADS-B” link at the top of the flight aware website then copy and pasted from the log window there.

Well, did a full “upgrade everything” on my pi and looks like my feed is working again.

Got my new adapter to hook my good antenna back up too…but still need to cleanup my mounting/weatherproofing before putting it back out there since we’ve got monsoons rolling through this weekend again.

alright It seems that I can only continue to wait, thank you