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Planeplotter feeds - no data showing

Has Planeplotter data feed been switched off now? I thought it was not until October.

Existing feeds are still being used. Looks like your sharecode may have changed (I see planeplotter data from your old IP with a new sharecode). I don’t know the logic behind that, you’ll probably need to check with Bev.

nb: we are no longer accepting registrations of new planeplotter sites, so you’ll need to recover your old sharecode to continue feeding that site.

Eb still uploading - no change to my sharecode. Stats say data stopped at 2am BST but still uploading to Planeplotter at 16:21GMT.


My WAN IP address changed today - would that affect the feed?

I see data from Eb at the time of this post and it’s reflected on your stats page; looks like it just came back after a ~13 hour outage?

Yes - I stopped and restarted Planeplotter. That seems to have done the trick.