Sharecode change? (PlanePlotter)

My sharecode vU has been working happily for almost 2 years now. When I recently upgraded pp I noticed my share code has changed and I now have 2 radar sites! Is there any way to revert to my original share code?

This was posted today on the planeplotter yahoo group:

The server infelicity yesterday changed a small percentage of users’ share codes.
I have spent a happy (!) day trying to change them back to their original values. I thought I had done them all but there seem to be a few that I missed. Errare humanum est.

If you are sensitive to a sharecode change, please check to see if I have correctly restored yours.
If not, please email me direct to save clogging up this fórum and be sure to include the current and former share code in your email to me (info at coaa dot co dot uk).

Some users may have acted on the changed sharecode and if I have changed it back to the original, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Some users may also have lost their Ground Station status. When you do your regular GS performance test, let us know if that has happened to you.