Tracking broken yet again

This site has stopped showing oceanic position reports. They all end at VHF range now whereas before the log would report xxN50W, xxN40W and xxN30W position reports. Other trackers still show them so it’s a bug here and not in the feed.

We’ve noticed the FAA sometimes omitting transoceanic positions in the North Atlantic. I just looked at AAL100, AAL104, AAL123, BAW176, and VIR4Y and they’re all having this problem tonight. We have an open ticket with them regarding the issue. I don’t see transoceanic positions for these flights on any other sites (actual positions, not projections).

Pacific flights look OK.

We got 2 transoceanic positions for BAW176 today, but none for AAL100, AAL104, AAL123, and VIR4Y. The FAA is still looking into it.