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Why when I start to type in hawaiian airlines does Flightaware say that it doesn’t recognize the name. And when I try to follow HAL 25 from PDX to HNL there is no information?


The second box down on the left below “flight tracker” cannot be used when you are in the forum. You can go to the main screen and start typing in Hawaiian. A box will appear after a few letters asking if you want this airline. Click on it then type in the flight number.

A better way - and a way that can be accessed from the forum - is to use the flight/tail # box. Enter HAL25 and Hawaiian flight 25 will appear. This works for all airline flights.

Another alternative is to go to the main page and select the “view all” link located next to “airborne by operator.” Here’s the direct link to that page:


Type in hawai and it should recognize it from … /KPDX/PHNL

Looks like it just took off on it’s way back to Honolulu and Flight Aware is actively tracking it at