Historical Flight Data


I am interested in tracking a certain airlines flight activity for a past week. How would I do that?


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Once you’re on the flight page, scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of previous flights. Click on the one you want to view.


Open a new browser window or tab, then go to flightaware.com/live/

You’re probably not familiar with the designated airline abbreviations, so skip down to the 2nd gray box on the left and type in the full airline name (Delta Airlines, United Airlines, etc.). Keep typing until it gives you some choices to select - you may have to select between “Delta Airlines”, “Delta Air Transport”, “Delta Puddle-Jumpers”, etc… Then where it says “flight number”, type in the numerals of the designated flight - then click on the “Track Commercial Flight” button". You will then be taken to a page showing the current track if it’s in the air, or the last flight if it hasn’t taken off yet. You will also see a history of other past flights listed below.

Hope that helps…


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