4 month history on flights


How do I get a log of the past 4 month history of a certain aircraft?



Click “More Past Flights” at the bottom of an aircraft’s activity log.


I checked. There is no icon for past flights. It shows 6 past flight but that is all.

This is a private jet not airline.



What’s the identifier?




You have to be logged in to see the link. It’s there for me at the bottom of Activity Log and you should be able to see flights since January or so. Beyond that, you’ll have to contact FlightAware to acquire further history as a commercial service.


Hmm . .I thought I was logged in.

Thanks for the help.


Yeah. I’m logged in OK.

Same thing at bottom of flight log on this and some others.

Says: See 4 month history----Register here etc.

I am registered and logged in and NO links to view past history. I’ve seen those for airlines though.


If you’re logged in, it won’t tell you register at the bottom of the screen. Login with the link in the upper right corner.


BINGO!!! Thanks much!