No Flight Data, less than four months


I went to lookup flights from September and August but the list did not go that far back. I thought we were supposed to see at least four months’ worth of previous flights.
This a bug, or is this a change?


Have you logged into your FlightAware account? You need to be logged in to see more than a few days worth of flight data.\

You will also do yourself a favor by reading the Questions/Answers section.


What aircraft were you looking at?


** :smiley: Yes, I logged in. I am looking for commercial flight tracks from my previous series of flights in August and September of this year.**
I looked in the Q&A only to find that there is to be four months of previous data.


Need specific flight numbers. For example: SWA123 or AAL123.
Note: Many code share flights show up only under the flight ID of the actual operating airline. Example A code share for American operated by Alaska will show up under the Alaska flight ID. Regional airline flights (e.g. Skywest) will show up under the mainline flight ID but this is not foolproof.


Welcome to Flight Aware Fredderf,

It was quite clear to me you had at least checked out the parameters of flight history either by other sources or the FAQ.

This question comes up quite frequently. Just an FYI to be sure that you are indeed “logged on”. There are two places to log on, one being here in the discussion groups . The logons do not interact with each other.

Usually, when you don’t see history beyond 7 days, its because you are not logged on At the very top of the screen, you should see log on area or your name showing you are already logged on.

If it shows you are logged on, it will be helpful for the Flight Aware support folks for you to post the exact flights that you are having problems with. (mduell is asking for this). Just copy the URL of that flight number and post it here so they can further investigate if the log on problem is not the answer to your woes.


Greetings again!

I most certainly logged on. To be sure, I did a log off, extinguished the browser, relaunched and relogged on and all remained the same. I have these two flight numbers from August 2008. The History goes back to September 4 on these:

And these from my early September flights:

This one shows though it is the same date:

Also, having difficulty accessing Flight 2218 [CLT/FAY]. This is a US Airways flight operating with partner Pacific Southwest Airlines. I try AWE and PSA to no avail.

Thank you kindly! :smiley:


Whatever the problem is, I can only get history back through September when I click on your links. I am, quite obviously, logged into my account.


Sometime in late August or early September, some AWE flights used the ICAO code USA
There was a link someplace in the forum about EGF flight numbers changing.

PSA’s code is JIA


Thank you much!
All the links worked well except for the American Eagle.

I did some random Am Eagle flight numbers and all had the history halt on September 4 or later.




A little more research shows that these may be your flights:

EGF recently changed their flight numbering system. As you can tell, EGF22 (now EGF3022) use to fly two different routes. Ditto for EGF17/EGF3017.

Check the topic American Eagle Old # vs new # for information on the change. (Note: The poster says the last three digits. Please note that in FlightAware any leading zero is removed from the digits portion of the call sign so EGF022, for example, becomes EGF22)


Thanks for the help guys!
I get my flight tracking but this one is a little strange: … /KLAX/KFAT

I don’t remember any turbulence of that magnitude. :laughing:

Anyway…again a big thank you.


That’s the result of your flight and another flight with the same flight ID flying at the same time. The other flight was from BHM to ORD