4 mo historical flight log for registered users


I have found this to be untrue for me as a registered user. I had been checking the historical flight log for KAVK & only get a few flights & was looking for one in particular. This is not the only airport that does not go back 4 months historically for me - so what is the deal here - you do or you don’t give 4 months historical flight info for registered users.

I even emailed dbaker personally about a aircraft that flew into KAVK on 9-18-07 with no anwer from him but yet the history does not even go that far back for KAVK - so please give me an explanation, since I am a registered user???

Thank you for info you can give me… 8)



. Airport history goes back only 48-72 hours.FAQ (aka questions/answers)


Airport history goes back one week max. , less for busy centers.

Flight history goes back 4 months for registered users who log in. Not loged in, flight history only goes back a few days at most.

Flight histories going back further than 4 months can be purchased from FA.


Perhaps that is the problem with the description of what registered users receive: Flight history for 4 months could mean flight history of an airport or an aircraft - is that not true??? Perhaps it should be more specific in the language of the advantages of being a registered user - otherwise I wouldn’t have ask the quesiton or had the issue?!?!?! :unamused:



Perhaps the questions/answers should be read? If the link I provided isn’t working for you, I’ve copied the data below:
How far back does FlightAware’s airport history go when browsing through recent arrivals and departures?
*Although FlightAware keeps the data forever, currently only the most recent 48-72 hours of activity are available for viewing. *

When you go to flightaware.com/about/account_types.rvt (account types), you’ll see a chart that clearly states historical flight data (i.e. history on individual flights, **not **airport data) is shown for 4 months.


Another dissatisfied FlightAware user…
I believe that makes an unprecedented two in one month! :open_mouth:

OOOoops… My bad! It’s the first of October. New month. :wink:

Keep up the great work guys!


There is one advantage of being a registered user that isn’t brought up too much. You get use of the FlightAware’s private 747! Now, if they could only find the keys to the gosh darn plane, we could go someplace in it!


SHHHHhhhhhh! Don’t spread it around. You’ll ruin for the rest of us!


Okay guys (I don’t think there are any girls in this discussion besides me) - I understand what all of you are saying & yes, I hit the link & read it (no need to be snide about it). What I am saying for the second time is this: It only says historical “flight” data - it doesn’t say if it is for the just the aircraft or for the flight activity out of the airport (irregardless of what the link/FAQ says). Flight activity is flight activity whether it comes out of or under the airport or the actual aircraft. Historical Flight Data covers a broad base when used the way it is in/on the “Why Register?” page. I am not disputing what the link/FAQ states - just what the “Why Register” page states. People are not going to go searching for the FAQ’s if they don’t need them - they are going to read the “Why Register?” page & believe it - that is why it should be specific. When you work for attorneys for many years you tend to be very very specific because if you don’t you can’t prove a damn thing in court & win your case. I’m trying to help you keep the site clean/straight & not be saying one thing & meaning another - that is all.

Service Guest User Registered Member Cost

Historical Flight Data 7 days 4 months Yes Yes


BTW: don’t we wish we all had the keys to the 747 & the money to pay for the fuel!!! Myself - I would pefer a nice little CitationX or GLX2 - don’t really need a 747. :slight_smile:

AND - I never said I was dissatisified - what an assumption just because I ask a question or want clarification on something I don’t understand. I wouldn’t even go there because then you put those thoughts in everyone’s mind when you post them like you have - don’t bring negativity into something that is not negative - it is a postive thing to help make a site better & more appealing to new users or encourage people to “register” - you think; just another way of looking at/perceiving things than what you are.

Jan :slight_smile:


Maybe after being an aviation enthusiast for nearly 40 years, I look at it differently from others. To me, “flight history” would be the history of an individual aircraft while “airport flight activity” or “airport history” would mean the details of the flights at a specific airport.

You mention in your original posting that you were looking for a specific flight out of AVK. If the flight was only last month and you know the flight ID then you can enter the flight ID into the “flight/tail #:” number box to the left and find the flight, if, of course, you have logged in as a registered user.

Don’t forget that if the aircraft flew a VFR flight on the date in question, it more than likely won’t show up.



your nitpicker is broken, you forgot to tell her that irregardless isn’t a word.


Don’t take it seriously, we know you meant well.


Yes, I know - I should have written it down but I didn’t - my bad. The reason I’m so curious is the fact that the aircraft was listed under Angel Flight America & I am the Oklahoma Rep for Angel Flight SC & know the Exec Director for Angel Flight America (which is now HQ’d in Addison also - where Angel Flight SC is - matter of fact the exec’s for both offices are married to one another).

The aircraft flew out of Hobby where Angel Flight SC has a very nice new hangar that was built for us located on that field. There was an air show at KAVK last weekend & I didn’t see anyone that I knew or identified themselves as being with Angel Flight America (which has now changed their name to something like Air Charity) - I’m sure the aircraft is probably having work done at KAVK because Plane Plastics is there & also an aircraft upholster shop is now located in Alva - the one doing the Cardinal give away by AOPA.

I didn’t think I would need to write the tail number down & Angel Flights go under NGF also - cause I thought the history would be there later - again my bad & I have learned a good lesson now too - always write it down if you are interested & perhaps I wouldn’t have wasted my time or yours with all the word play for sure!!! :blush:



That’s because when there’s a long paragraph, I have a tendency to scan rather than read it and so I didn’t pick up on it.

Don’t forget, people, that not only is the key great for making small paragraphs out of big ones, it’s also your friend.



why not just check with AngelFlight, they keep a record of all flights (at least here in the west they do). BTW, I’m jealous of your facilities in SC, AngelFlight doesn’t have much here in California even though we have many flights.

Let me know if you want me to check with AngelFlight HQ, I know someone there.


We have several female members that check-in regularly. We have a flight attendant with a certain discount carrier based in the southwest area of the US. We also have an enthusiast that puts a feminine touch on many topics.

I just wish I had enough money for the fuel… :blush:

Whew! I thought maybe I detected a tone of “this site doesn’t give me the information that I want and is therefore worthless”. We had such a user complain not too long ago, and it really brings a damper on our spirits when we hear it. The site provides an enormous amount of information for free. Certain limits must be placed on how much information is provided for a particular query so that the system isn’t overburdened everytime someone wants some flight information. For the most part, a few days of airport data or a few months of flight data is enough for everyone. Occasionally a malcontent comes here thinkin’ they should be able to get a year’s worth of data for free… :unamused:


Oh, I’m sure there are other women visit this site quite often (or at least there should be) - I was just the only one in this discussion so I wanted to clarify calling you “guys” instead of “dolls” or both!

I actually made a phone call to Jerry Dorre/exc director at Angel Flight SC from the flight line at KAVK walking from one end to another at the air show regarding the Angel Flight America aircraft flying into Alva on 9-18-07 & have yet to get a reply. He is probably to busy to concern himself with it at this point in time & may not think it is any of my business - I truly don’t know why he didn’t/hasn’t responded on this one/question. What was strange was the aircraft was flying under the NGF but I don’t think it was a mission cause I have never seen it leave???

I plan on attending the Denim & Diamonds Gala 10-13-07 in Addison - my once a year get together with HQ & the Dorre’s - there are lots of functions going on year round & Jerry & Theresa are gone quite a bit with their respective positions with Angel Flight. SO - I decided not to bother him/them but try to research it on my own - that is half the fun of it & you learn so much when you get in there & dig for yourself - I have even shared info with the Dorre’s about using FlightAware & another mother of an Angel Flight pilot here in Oklahoma so her mother/husband can track her when she is flying missions in their Cirrus.

I stumbled upon FlightAware by accident & then got accused of stalking a pilot that flies for NetJets - wouldn’t you say he is a little paranoid to say the least. I found it a great tool/toy to play with - he didn’t think so!!! Wonder why… 8)

There is an ol saying that pilots have a girl in every airport which is probably true - I also worked for Million Air out of KPWA for 2 years (97-99) so I pretty much knew his game for sure. He said he wanted a woman in his life that was interested in aviation but that I knew too much!!! :smiley: It’s hard to teach an ol dog anything - much less new tricks & his stint with NetJets is now over - retired as 10-1-07 (which he needed to). He flew for TWA for 24 years & retired with them - he can’t even see the pics on his cell phone so I think it is high altitude time he lays it down & lands/stays on the ground as a career. I’m not sure he has ever landed!!! 8)

Here is his website - he may enjoy you all checking him out: www.aviatorsjourneytogod.com I don’t think he gets many hits on his site… :neutral_face: you can tell him jano sent you - he would get a kick out of that for sure… :smiley:




D’OH! You caught me failing to read every word in a post. I think that’s twice in one week and it’s only Monday! Ah! That must be the reason - it’s MONDAY.

I think I wanna hear HIS side of the story first.

On second thought, it sounds like opening a certain box once owned by a girl named Pandora…


NGF5RK, which is probably N755RK.

Please use normal capitalization in your post titles.


I assure you - he needs the hits - don’t tell him I sent you - that is okay with me - he is afterall appealing to men on this website for sure.

Oh - I wish you/we could hear his side of the story (if he would tell the truth for once - that would be a miracle)!!! God has knocked his dick in the dirt more than once over all the stunts he has pulled with me - but I forgot to tell him after about 4 months into the relationship that God is my Abba/Father & protects me with diligence (so don’t you guys get any ideas unless you want to challenge Him & get yourself knocked in the dirt also).

Last I heard from him was a pleasant little email - short & sweet but with much respect & honor (which was hard for him to learn). I also assured him that what is behind me is way more powerful than I am & he learned that too. He pretty much is a firm believer in what I tell him now because God has never failed to back me up in regard to this situation. I’m sure because I was always telling the truth in light of his never telling the truth to this day. But that is his decision & choice & all of us reap what we sow - just make sure you are sowing good/truth & not lies cause they will surely catch up with you in some way shape or form. :smiley:

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