Airport history


According to the FAQ

How far back does FlightAware’s airport history go when browsing through recent arrivals and departures?
Although FlightAware keeps the data forever, currently only the most recent 48-72 hours of activity are available for viewing.

My question is, is there any way this data can be obtained. I am looking for a particular flight number for a small local airport from about 2 months ago. If it can’t be obtained, it’s not a big deal. If it can, I would like to do so.


E-mail me ( the details of the flight (date/time range, airports, aircraft type, aircraft ident) that you know and I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks, I appreciate it!


Is there no way of implementing this within the searches? I too would like to see historical airport data, not just for the past couple of days. :frowning:

FBOweb has historical flight and airport data going back to 2001. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then why don’t you get it from FBOweb?


Because it’s rather pointless paying $15 per month just to access the history function when everything else can be found on here. :unamused:


Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to open an opportunity to gripe or argue with this thread. I appreciate the help I received from Mark and am grateful for this site and all the great resources it offers.


KPryor: No, don’t worry that you opened an unpleasant opportunity. You didn’t.

RobK: The question was sincere. You, me and others have been wanting a wildcard search. It’s been mentioned in countless other threads. I know you don’t mean to be pushy, but I’m sure that you are aware that certain words and phrases are interpreted differently between American and British, and sometimes your “implied tone” is not what you really meant to relay.

My point being, the FA developers are working really hard to improve this site. We have all noticed how responsive they are to users and the many features they have been adding at an incredible rate. Most people agree that it is already the best of it’s type anywhere at any price, and the price of access here is pretty hard to argue with. But with all of their efforts, it will still take a while to get some of the features that people are asking for. In the case of searches, the staff has already acknowledged the desire, but have said that it will take a while. If it were simply a matter of implementing a simple database search, they certainly would have implemented it by now, if not just to get everyone to stop asking. But dbaker has said that it is more complicated than it would seem. Given his credibility thus far, I’m inclined to trust what he says. Lazy, slow or apathetic are NOT words that I would use to describe anyone at FA.

So my thought would be that if you really need this capability right away, then $15/month with another service may be what you will have to pay, and that wouldn’t be “pointless” if it’s something you need. But if that’s too much to pay, then you can wait for it here and they will get it in when they can. You are getting much more than you paid for with FA!

If you misunderstand my intent, feel free to go ahead and flame me now, but my intentions are sincere and honorable. But I do feel a little protective of the FA staff. They are doing great by me so I tend to comment when someone doesn’t seem to appreciate what they are getting for free.